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Procam - Minimum System Requirements.

Interested in getting a Procam XS, Smartcam, or Microcam XS?

Futudent cameras are professional medical recording equipment and require that you have a workstation-grade computer capable of "driving" the camera. You'll need to check if your computer is good enough before buying the camera system.

By default, the entire range of Futudent cameras will run on any MacBook or iMac purchased mid-2019 or later, which is running an up-to-date version of macOS.

Windows computers are a completely different story...

FutuDent cameras are compatible with most new PCs (like the one you use for your intraoral scanner) which meet or exceed the following specifications.

  • Processor 7th generation Intel i5 or i7 with a rating of over 7000

  • RAM 16GB or more

  • Graphics NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 or newer

  • USB ports

    • If you're using a desktop computer, the USB port used for the camera must be on the back of the PC (the ones mounted on the main/motherboard)

    • If you're using a laptop, the camera must be connected directly to the laptop.

    • USB hubs are not to be used for the camera.

  • Built-in Bluetooth This will be required if you purchase the add-on wireless foot pedal.

Remove the guesswork, if you're not sure what your PC specs are, contact your IT person. The camera won't work properly if the minimum requirements are not met or exceeded.. It almost goes without saying, but we don't accept returns if your computer isn't up to specifications.

If you're confident your PC or Mac is up to spec, you can check out all of the features of ProCam XS, SmartCam, and MicroCam using the links below.

Want to see them up-close? Get in touch with your account rep HERE or book an in-clinic demo HERE.


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