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A clear view

ClearVue™ LED Operatory Bulbs take operatory lighting to the next level!

CAO group launches the world’s first plug-and-play led operatory lamp. The CAO Group (CAO), a world leading, high-technology dental company (maker of the AMD Picasso range of lasers), has launched ClearVue™ LED Operatory bulbs, the world’s first plug-and-play LED operatory lighting conversion, with its exclusive distribution partner, Osseo Group.

The ClearVue family of LED bulbs is designed to enable dental professionals to see better in a comfortable environment. Proper lighting is essential to delivering quality patient care while reducing staff weariness. ClearVue LED Operatory Bulbs are a perfect solution of state-of-the-art electronics and LED technology that provides a plug-and-play conversion from a regular halogen fixture into an LED fixture.

ClearVue LED technology provides true color for perfect shade matching and a crisp 25,000 lux light pattern that illuminates only where you need it with no color temperature degradation. Additionally, a uniform 50mm x 25mm elliptical pattern minimizes eye strain and fatigue. ClearVue LED bulbs emit less than 90% of heat emissions in comparison with traditional halogen bulbs thatis both comfortable and quiet. Vibration resistant, no UV radiation or hazardous waste materials add to a comfortable work environment and patient experience. In addition, ClearVue LED Operatory Bulbs come with a 5-year warranty.

“CAO is a pioneer in LED lighting. Our innovative plug-and-play ClearVue™ LED dental chair lights provide the easiest solution to convert the halogen light of existing dental chairs into an LED light without hassle. ClearVue LED lights provide many benefits to clinicians including no heat, clearer beam pattern, consistent light intensity and color rendering, longevity, energy saving and others.

ClearVue LED Operatory Bulbs will retrofit major dental chairs on the market to make dental practice easier, faster, and better,” said Dr. Densen Cao, CEO and founder of CAO.

The 5 year limited warranty is included with a lifespan of up to a 60,000 hours or 15 years at a much lower operating and maintenance cost further adding to the benefits of conversion. Simply extract the halogen bulb and install ClearVue LED Operatory bulbs! It’s that easy.

CAO Group has been an innovator in LED lighting almost since its inception. We now bring that knowledge and innovation to the dental practice in our pursuit to continually make dentistry, easier, faster, and better for dental professionals and their patients. A solution is available for the vast majority of existing halogen makes and models.

Click HERE to order yours today! Or if you're unsure of which globe to order, take a photo of:

  • The globe and its pins

  • The lamp base (where the globe pins are inserted into the light fixture

  • The lamp

and email them to and we'll help you select the right ClearVue globe.



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