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Esthetic Line™ implants

With more than a decade of successful Mini Dental Implant supply and distribution, Osseo Group welcomes the C-TECH Esthetic Line™ of implants to our portfolio.

The Esthetic Line™ implant is conical shaped with generous apical threading, which provides superb primary stability, especially in soft bone.

The prosthetic connection of the EL has a Morse taper locking connection which delivers an added level of security against abutment loosening, micro movements and other issues that are a result of implant connection gaps.

The platform switching, Concave Esthetic Concept dental prosthetic system of the EL implant system offers a large range of options as well as tissue shaping possibilities.

Despite the large range of prosthetic freedom, the system remains uncomplicated and easy to use due to the fact that the prosthetic connection is the same for all implant diameters.

Bevelled shoulder

The platform-switched group exhibits significantly less bone loss in subcrestal locations. The bevelled shoulder is biologically and biomechanically less agressive for the crestal bone.

Conventional implant designs have corners which create concentrated stress points into the bone. Bevelling these corners consequently dissipates the stress to the bone and reduces the risk for consequent bone recession.

The bevelled design has the added benefit of better accomodating the shape and bone and reduced volume of narrow ridges.

Micro grooving

Conventional implant types generally feature a smoothly polished cervical region that may vary in width.

Current trends in implant design favor a reduction or elimination of the smoothly polished segment.

Experience with an implant design of the most recent generation that has a continuous microrough and nanorough surface extending to the implant neck and a fine thread in the cervical region has shown in numerous clinical cases that the crestal bone level was stabilised. Advantages of this design include; reduced stress to the bone, faster and less traumatic insertion as well as dissipation of the shear forces.

A fine thread in the cervical region results in functional loads being transmitted to the adjacent bony structures, supporting the formation of trabecular bony structures and stabilising the region in question. Complete bony coverage of the entire implant surface can be attained upon successful osseointegration if the platform-switching concept is implemented.

Micro grooving

Grit blasted and acid etched surface topography

EL implants are grit blasted and acid etched in order to create the largest surface area possible for osseo-integration. The implants are thoroughly washed in 5 different times following each process in order to ensure that no residue remains from any of the production or treatment steps.

Grit blasted and acid etched surface topography

Aggressive apical design

The lower part of the implant has been equiped with generous threads.

These threads offer more bone to implant contact and thus more stability especially in soft bone.

  • Ideal for immediate implant placement

  • Primary stability

Aggressive apical design

Rounded apex

Protection of the sinus floor, nerve canal and other important anatomical structures during insertion.

Rounded apex

Double-lead thread

  • Insertion rate of 1.5mm per rotation

  • Primary stability

  • Increased bone to implant contact

  • Faster and even insertion while protecting bone structure

Double-lead thread

Thread in thread / groove in groove

In order to increase the surface area of the implant and consequently the „bone to implant contact“, an additional thread has been cut into the main thread and and additional groove into the main groove of the body.

Thread in thread / groove in groove

Concave aesthetic concept

The concave profile of the running room on the implant abutment promotes increased tissue volume at that level.

This tissue will contribute to the stabilisation of the underlying crestal bone and will be used to increase the length of the papilla between 2 Implants, (Ernesto Lee and Weisgold)

Concave aesthetic concept

Platform switching

Platform switching is defined as using prosthetic abutments whose diameter at the point which they emerge from the implant are smaller than then platform of the implant.

While in most dental implant systems on the market the abutment emerging diameter will be the same as the platform diameter. In the case of platform switching (also known as platform shifting) the emerging diameter of the abutment has been reduced to the approximate diameter of the implant connection.

Platform switching

One connection for all implants

  • Simplifies the system

  • Reduces inventory

  • Ease of use

Cold weld seal

When two metal conical parts, each with walls at an angle of 5 degrees or less are fitted together there will be a wedging effect due to the friction between the 2 walls. (Morse tapered connection) Additionally, if the male part has an angle of approximately 0,25 degrees more than the female conical part, a seal will be formed at the top of the cone.

When this effect is applied to the implant/abutment connection the Morse locking taper provides several advantages:

  • Strength: The Morse locking taper connection shows the highest reliability(99% ) in comparison with internal hex (96% and external hex (31%)(Almeida and Coelho).

  • Elimination of the micro gap: In a conventional system, held in place by the internal screw, the connection between the abutment and the implant is not a perfect fit, there is always a small space between the 2 parts. The Morse locking tapered connection is shown to leave a gap with is smaller than 1 micron, whereas the smallest bacterium measures approx. 1,5 microns.

  • Reduction of Micro movements/Reduction of screw loosening: Screw loosening is the most common reason for prosthetic failure in single teeth reconstructions (12 and 20%) Morse taper locking connection absorbs vibration and functional stress(Merz) avoiding screw loosening (0,37%).

Check out our full range of C-TECH implants and accessories HERE.

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