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AI – better, faster, and more accurate scan data.

So what is the AI function and how does this function work to make your scanning easier and quicker?

Put simply, AI enables the Aoralscan to distinguish which part of our intraoral information is unnecessary, such as tongue, buccal walls, mirror, and the tip of your finger etc.

These landmarks won’t be captured or appear on the generated 3D model. As a result, you don’t have to deal with this additional unrequired data in post processing, saving you time.

Scanning with AI

As we all know, plenty of information can be captured by intraoral scanner, however, not all are necessary for the restorative design procedure, typically this captured data needs to be filtered out manually.

Some scanner can delete these data automatically, but the tongue and buccal side is too near to the teeth and gingiva, the unnecessary data can be very difficult to remove precisely.

With AI Function, this issue won’t be your concern, the unnecessary data has not been captured in the first place, so the scanned data won’t be in need of deletion.

AI function can be turned on with the 3rd button from the bottom right.

So how does AI Function work? Before scanning, activate the AI Function, then start to scan. The scanner is now be able to tell which part is necessary for the data capture, such as teeth and gingiva, and which is not, such as tongue and buccal wall.

The software will only record and present you with the necessary data, which also makes Aoralscan faster and more accurate.

AI function off/on

Book an in-office demo

Let's set aside a time to meet in your office and demonstrate how to use the Aoralscan IOS. ​ We'll need around 30 minutes of your time and one of your nurses to scan for you to truly see how doctor-friendly the Aoralscan IOS is.

Check out the full specs, get a quote, and book an in-office demo HERE or call 1300 029 383.



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