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Become a ClearCorrect provider

Registering with ClearCorrect is easy. There are no arduous training requirements to worry about or paper forms – it's all online and it's all easy!

To register for an account to start submitting and managing ClearCorrect cases, click HERE

Once you click submit, our accounts team will get your account up and running and you'll receive an email with all of your new account details and how to log in.

After a few days, you'll receive a call from your account representative to introduce themselves and go through some of the basics – If you'd like to speak with them before exploring your new account, you can reach us at 1300 029 383 or by email at

Your account rep will answer all your questions, walk you through the doctor's portal, help set up your account and assist you with submitting cases.

What do I need before submitting a case?

Before submitting your first case, you'll need to have the equipment and procedures in place to make the best impressions (digital or PVS), use standard language to articulate your Rx needs and auxiliary instruments and materials to troubleshoot and correct issues as they present.

  • Impressions - This one is easy, don't send bad ones. "That's the best I could get, just work with what you have." – Will always be answered, "Unfortunately, you'll need to re-take them." Take a read though our post How to make a great first impression It covers what we're after as a minimum standard and how to do it.

If you have an intraoral scanner, that's great! We'll work with all of them. Just give your account rep a call to get set up. Just remember, the minimum standards of quality that apply to PVS impressions, still apply to scans. Just as many scans are rejected due to poor quality or missing areas as PVS impressions.

  • Terminology - Ensure you use detailed, clear, and standard language in your Rx. An example of this is when using tooth notation. Imagine you're describing the need to torque the upper right central labially. You're thinking in FDI and write "Torque tooth 11 labially" but when you get the treatment setup back and the technician has moved the upper left canine.

That's because you thought in FDI and wrote the tooth number in Universal – the decimal is the only hint that you are referring to FDI unless you also mentioned a tooth in the 4th quadrant and left the decimal point out of that tooth number as well. This would have triggered the technician to get in touch with you to clarify.

  • Auxiliaries - Engagers, elastics, modifications, essential instruments and any combination of techniques may be needed in conjunction with clear aligners to meet your goal. The term ‘auxiliaries’ as used in orthodontic treatment with clear aligners refers to an entity or items that may be used in conjunction with clear aligners to enhance the movement of, or effect a change in, the teeth or skeletal components. Some auxiliaries may include:

  • Bonded brackets or buttons for bite closure, extrusion, intrusion or rotations.

  • Limited fixed braces.

  • Skeletal or dental expanders.

  • Class II correctors and molar distalisers.

  • Temporary anchorage devices TAD’s

  • Dimples placed with pliers rotate, retain or nudge.

You can check out our full range of auxiliaries, pliers and accessories on our store by clicking HERE or the store link on your account.

  • Mentoring - Osseo Group and ClearCorrect will help you every step of the way as far as technical, procedural and product assistance goes. As a medical professional, you'll need make your clinical and diagnostic decisions yourself, or in conjunction with a mentor who will be able to guide you through the clinical side of your clear aligner journey.

Getting the word out

Sometimes, driving sales is a matter of getting your name out there. Here are a few of our marketing tips and suggestions

  • Posters, brochures and flip books - Your waiting room is the perfect place to start the conversation. Printed materials are perfect for getting the conversation started. Give your account rep a call for ideas and to take a look at what we have to offer. We have a wide range of marketing materials available on our store by clicking HERE or the store link on your account.

  • Website design and maintenance - Your website is your online calling card and most potential patients will judge you completely based on how your website resonates with them personally. Building or updating your website so it is professional, up-to-date and draws customers in is key for obtaining new patients. List “ClearCorrect” and “clear aligner braces” onto your practice website as a service offered. When people enter “clear braces dentist" or “ClearCorrect dentist” into a search engine to find a local doctor who can provide it for them, you want your name to come up! This is the easiest way to promote your practice. Adding our company logo or picture, available in our Logos and images article, should only take a couple minutes!

  • Direct mailing - Postcards or direct-mailing campaigns work well, when done right. If your practice already sends out mailers to your patients (i.e. appointment reminders, birthday cards, referral cards), you might want to try one featuring ClearCorrect and a special promotion. You can use our logos and images with these as well. For example, your postcard could say, “Thinking about braces? Bring this card in for $200 off ClearCorrect treatment. Use it yourself or share with a friend!” This could also help your referrals increase! Make sure to have an expiration date and usage limit printed on the offer card, to cover your bases.

  • Social media marketing - Is the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. The most commonly used social media sites are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A higher number of social media followers tends to improve trust, recognition and credibility to potential patients. The most significant benefit is it's humanisation element; becoming more humanised is important because people like doing business with other people; not with companies or businesses.

My first case

Successful treatment of your first few cases is essential in your long term success using clear aligner therapy. It will give you the confidence to take on more difficult cases as your experience increases.

As a new provider, some examples of good initial candidates for clear aligner treatment, in addition to committing to full compliance and wear, might have:

  • Minor anterior spaces or crowding

  • Ortho relapses

  • Single arch treatment with minor goals

With some experience and success under your belt, here are some sample moderate cases:

  • Moderate anterior spaces or crowding

  • Minor to moderate overjet and overbite correction

  • Class II and Class III cases

The following conditions could reduce the expectations of successful treatment with clear aligners and we do not recommend doctors treating them without some considerable degree of education and experience with clear aligner treatment:

  • Teeth with short clinical crowns

  • Arches with multiple missing teeth

  • Patients with dental prosthetics or implants

  • Patients whose second molars have not yet erupted

  • Patients with poor oral hygiene

  • Patients with active periodontal disease

  • Patients with severe bruxism

  • Centric-relation and centric-occlusion discrepancies

  • Any type, method, or movement indicated as difficult or complex

The presence of any of these conditions does not prohibit treatment with clear aligners, but the doctor must consider how their presence affects the patient’s candidacy as a good aligner patient.

If things go awry

We know that occasionally you can run into issues during treatment (a rotation not occurring as planned, fitting issues, occlusal gaps, etc.)

Our Account Representatives are here to assist you with any trouble you run into. We thought we would offer up some tips to assist you in getting your issue resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Take a picture - A picture is worth a thousand words. Taking a picture of the problem you're having and sending it to one of our experienced support representatives can speed up the process and makes a huge difference in being able to resolve issues with certainty.

We'll need a close up, clear picture of the occlusal, right and left lateral views of the arch in question both with and without the aligners. So, if you can, take a picture of the problem you're having and send it with your support ticket. Share the whole story - When getting assistance from a support rep, they need to know as much information about the issue you're having as possible in order to better assist you. When you send in a support request be sure to give the following information:

  • Verify the step and case # marked on the aligner that the patient is trying on.

  • Confirming when and what step the issue started.

  • Was there any troubleshooting already done to correct the issue?

  • If yes, what troubleshooting techniques did you already try?

  • Is the patient compliant?

Fitting issues - Before you call support about any fitting issues, you may want to review the options you have available to you first:

  • Checking and breaking tight contacts in the area where the fitting issue is present.

  • If there are difficult movements present in the area with the fitting issue you can try backtracking with a fresh aligner, dimples, auxillaries, and chewies to get it back on track.

  • Reiterating patient compliance.

Interactions - Tooth & gum pain is a common side effect of most orthodontic treatments, and clear aligners are no exception. The discomfort can be particularly intense when a patient first puts on a brand-new aligner.

Over-the-counter pain medications can help, but did you know that some pain relievers can inhibit the successful movement of teeth? In a 1996 study, researchers placed orthodontic appliances on guinea pigs and tested the effects of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and misoprostol. They found that ibuprofen significantly inhibited the movement of the teeth.

Additional training

Are you looking for a face-to-face introduction course? We regularly run courses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland. Check out the latest course dates HERE.

Getting in touch

With Osseo Group and ClearCorrect by your side, you never need to go it alone! Need to chat with your account rep? Getting in touch is easy! You can call them directly (if you lost their number, you can find it at, call the office at 1300 029 383 or email us at


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