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Top of the line at an entry-level price

The new and improved DOM3000D-pro is a top-of-the-line microscope at an entry-level price. The DOM3000D-pro opens new dimensions in dental microscopy with its crystal clear image, perfect depth of field and affordable price tag.

For just $22,000+GST, you'll get a 3.6-23x magnification scope with an inbuilt Sony 4K Ultra HD (UHD) image recording system and a live video monitor.

Why do I need a microscope?

The dental operating microscope (DOM) has been essential in endodontics since its residency requirement in 1998. It has since been widely adopted in all phases of dentistry, improving accuracy and preventing damage to adjacent teeth and tissue.

DOMs provide 400x more visual accuracy than the naked eye and 100x more than traditional loupes. Built-in high-intensity LEDs enable better diagnosis, prepping, seating, and finishing visibility.

The microscope is particularly valuable for endodontics, where precision is critical in navigating the intricate roots and canals and missing canals can result in unresolved infections.

In practice, dentists and specialists are finding the microscope most beneficial for:

  • Locating hidden canals that have been obstructed by calcification and reduced in size

  • Removing materials such as old solid filling material.

  • Removing canal obstructions

  • Preparing for access to avoid unnecessary destruction of tissue.

  • Repairing perforations

  • Locating cracks and fractures that are invisible to the naked eye.

  • Facilitating all aspects of endodontic surgery

  • Photographic and video documentation for training, patient education and marketing

Finally, a microscope improves your posture. It allows you to work with a more natural head and neck position, reducing strain on your neck and back and reducing the risk of neck and back pain resulting from prolonged, awkward postures.

Why choose the DOM3000D-pro from Bondent and Osseo Group?

Bondent specialises in designing and manufacturing UHD-integrated surgical microscopes using high-quality materials, SCHOTT HT glass lenses, and custom imaging software at the most affordable price.

With a Bondent microscope, you get all the inner workings of an expensive brand at 1/3 the price – let's see what's packed in under the covers of the DOM3000D-pro.

Microscope System

  • Eyepieces: 10X/22B (aperture 22mm)

  • PD: 55mm - 75mm

  • Diopter range: ±7

  • Binoculars: inclination 0 – 210°

  • Field of view: 9.8mm – 62.5mm

  • Zoom magnification: 3.6X – 23X

  • Vario focus: 180 – 460mm

  • Lenses: SCHOTT HT glass

  • Lens coating: Zeiss T* optical anti-reflective coating

Imaging System

  • Video resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)

  • Frame rate: 30fps @4k

  • Video mode: 720p, 960p, 1080p, 1440p, 2.7K, 4K

  • Resolution of static image: 4000 x 3000 (12MPixel)

  • Output Interface: standard HDMI 2.0

  • Media storage: Micro SD (up to 128GB)

  • Control method: buttons on the handle, wireless foot control, mobile phone, tablet, or computer

  • Settings: white balance, ISO, sharpness, metering mode, colour mode, exposure gain

  • Control app: BonImage (from the app store or google play)

Illumination System

  • Light source: LED module, variable brightness, over 60000 hours life

  • Minimum illumination intensity: >80000Lux

  • Diameter of illumination spot: >60mm

  • Colour rendering index: >85

  • Filter: orange & green (orange for composite & green for better visualisation of the vascular network)

  • Color temperature: 5700k, close to natural light

Support System

  • Standard base: Mobile

  • Optional mounting: Wall bracket, ceiling bracket, or floor bracket.

  • Arm movement dampening: coil spring torque adjustment for a softer, slow repositioning and less wobbling during use

  • Swing arm: rotation radius 460mm, rotation 360°

  • Microscope arm: rotation radius 700mm, rotation ±160°, up/down ±315mm

  • Longest arm reach: 1390mm

  • Dimension of base: 516mm x 516mm

  • Dimensions of unit: 1250mm x 1080mm x 470mm

  • Net weight: 115kg

  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V; 50/60Hz

Mounting options

  • Simple installation

  • Floor portable (wheeled base)

  • Complex installation - You'll need your builder to install the included mounting hardware and a 240v outlet first.

  • Floor mounted

  • Ceiling mounted (you'll need to have a builder check your clinic for structural loading, make any adjustments and install the included mounting hardware)

  • Wall mounted (you'll need to have a builder check your clinic for structural loading, make any adjustments and install the included mounting hardware)

What's included?

  • 4K DOM3000D-pro

  • Varioscope 180 – 460mm objective lens

  • Wireless foot control

  • Monitor support arm

  • Standard HD monitor (1080p) - After delivery, you can self-upgrade to any computer monitor or television

  • Mounting system (mobile, floor, ceiling, or wall.)

  • Installation of wheeled base or to the builder-installed mounting system.

  • Shipping

What else is available?

Bondent & Osseo Group have two other microscope options: The new longer-reaching G4-D and the eye-catching NakedEye 3D microscope system.

The new G4-D has the same optical and imaging features as the DOM3000-pro with a longer-reaching and newer cross and swing arm design, which can reach 1650mm from the base (or mounting point) V.S. the 1390mm of the DOM3000-pro.

The NakedEye 3D microscope system has the same optical and imaging features as the G4-D, with a secondary 4K Sony sensor to record a stereoscopic image, combined with a glasses-free 3D display and an improved true-tone illumination system.

The NakedEye 3D display utilises a VCSEL laser projector and stereoscopic cameras to constantly adjust the screen and display the image in 3D without needing glasses!

Why choose Osseo Group?

Osseo Group has been selling and servicing optical devices for a long time – we've gotten quite good at it.

  • We've got Account Reps in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, and Auckland NZ, who regularly visit the south island of New Zealand, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, the Northern Territory and the majority of regional areas in between.

  • Most microscopes are delivered within 4-6 weeks.

  • Our dedicated Account Reps will install and train your staff on the day.

  • You can contact your Account Rep for in-person support, call 1300 029 383 and speak with Provider Services, or email us at, with 90% of emails answered within 2 hours.

Want to book an in-clinic demo?

Booking an in-clinic demo is easy! Just click HERE.


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