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The ClearCorrect clinic app

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

ClearCorrect’s Clinic App is a convenient and intuitive tool that clinicians and their teams can use to aid the patient education process. The app is web-based, free to use, and is accessible to users on desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. All clinic team members can have and use the Clinic App.

To access the Clinic App, go to

New users will need to register to access the Clinic App. Existing users can enter their log-in information and access the app.

New users will need to provide the following to register:

  • Email

  • Name

  • Password

  • Clinic name

  • Role in the clinic

  • Country

  • Acknowledging if your clinic is part of a dental group

  • Identifying the dental group your clinic is part of

New users will then need to read through and accept the terms & conditions and privacy policy before completing registration and creating an account.

When you first log into the Clinic App you will be prompted to confirm your email address. Check your email for a message from titled “Welcome to the ClearCorrect clinic app.” Open the email and click on the “Confirm Registration” button inside the email.

After you have confirmed your email, you will be prompted to go through a quick six-step tutorial that walks you through the Clinic App’s features. Users can revisit any of the steps in the tutorial by clicking the “Go back” button. Once users have completed all six steps of the tutorial, they can click the “Finish the tutorial” button to go the Clinic App’s home screen.


The Patient Education section is the main feature of the Clinic App. It is meant to help patients understand how malocclusion impacts their health, how clear aligners can be used to treat malocclusion, and what the clear aligner treatment process looks like. To access patient education, click on the patient education button on the Clinic App home screen.

There are six steps in the Patient Education feature of the Clinic App.

Step 1

The first step of Patient Education has users select the type of teeth that best describe their bite. Users may select multiple types of teeth.

When users click the “Continue” button, the app will cause a popup window to appear that describes and illustrates each type of teeth the user selected. After reading through the descriptions, users can go back and select different teeth types or continue to the next step.

Step 2

The second step of Patient Education provides users with detailed information on how the teeth they selected affects their gum health, tooth health, and overall health. Each type of health has its own screen for the user to interact with. Users should examine the health effects for all the teeth types they selected.

Step 3

The third step of Patient Education has users compare the benefits of clear aligners to braces for treating malocclusion.

Step 4

The fourth step of Patient Education shows users before and after clear aligner treatment images for the different teeth types. Users can use the slider to compare the images or click the “Side by side” button above the picture window to display both images. To see the before and after images for the other teeth types, users can click the arrows on either side of the picture window or click on the teeth type names beneath the picture window.

Step 6

The sixth and final step of Patient Education provides users with a brief description of the next steps in their clear aligner treatment journey. Users can also read the frequently asked questions and their answers about the clear aligner treatment process.

Once users have read everything, they click “Finish the presentation.” This will cause the user to be taken back to the Clinic App home screen. All the selections made by the user are erased when they leave the Patient Education feature.

The FAQ feature of the Clinic App provides users with a list of the most common questions and answers about the clear aligner treatment process. The feature has three sections: before treatment, during treatment, and after treatment.

All practice staff should read through the FAQs because it will allow them to provide better information to patients that are interested in or already undergoing clear aligner treatment.

To access the Clinic App, go to

To learn more about ClearCorrect and chat with your account rep, click HERE to book an in-clinic appointment. Ready to go? Create an account at


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