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Getting the best out of your treatment setup

You’ve sent us your scans or PVS impressions, photos and treatment prescription – it’s time to assess your patient’s treatment setup!

ClearCorrect has a new design feature in our treatment setups – ClearPilot, which puts you in the pilot’s seat and gives you a birds-eye view of you and your patient’s treatment goals. As the treating clinician, you are in total control of the prescribed treatments (within our protocols).

ClearPilot will show you the patients current dentition, based on the scans or PVS impressions you have sent us. ClearCorrect will put together a 3D animation which you can view as a single or dual arch, as a single step or as a whole video, and move around 360 degrees to view the dentition from all angles.

Some new features of ClearPilot include a movement chart, superimposition of movements from start to finish, an occlusal heat chart for heavy occlusion and measuring grid lines of 1mm.

Evaluating the treatment setup for your patient is one of the crucial parts of planning treatment. This is where you get to map out the treatment goals you and your patient are aiming for. By utilising the new tools in ClearPilot, you are sure to get the best out of your plans


The first thing when evaluating your treatment setup is to check the diagnostic 3D model. You’ll need to confirm the bite is correct and accurate in comparison to the patient’s mouth and existing bite. Check for any discrepancies. Remember, we will be manufacturing the aligners based on the Treatment Setup, so if there are any differences, the aligners won’t fit the teeth properly (this also comes back to accurate impressions and scans).

Move the 3D model around, viewing from all angles and sides. You’ll want to check the way the occlusion rests, and how the movements will occur. You can watch this as a video, and also run through each step individually. You’ll also need to view this as single arches, so you can see the upper and lower arch separately. By viewing as single arches, you’ll be able to assess whether the movements planned are accurate or if further information is required. Does the plan reflect the prescription you have given, and are you happy with the final result?

Check for the amount of movement per tooth and per arch. Consider patient compliance and biological factors, such as age and bone density.

While evaluating the Treatment Setup, utilise the tools provided in ClearPilot. Bring up the movements chart and view each arch. Are the movements prescribed sitting within the case parameters? Do the movements fall into easy, moderate or hard cases? This will help with deciding on the correct pricing option, given the suggested timeframe and difficulty of the case.


When you open your patient’s case, the first thing you will see is if there is any correspondence from the technician. There will be notes about what treatment has been prescribed, what kind of movements are occurring and if there is any action you need to take, such as a question or clarification, or if we require more information from you, such as new impressions or scans.

This is your opportunity to let the technician know any changes you want made, or if you have any questions about the treatment setup provided. After evaluating the 3D animation, you can let the technician know any concerns you may have. Do you think some extra engagers would help certain movements? Do you want to add extra IPR? Do you think it’s best to slow down some movements? The more clinical information you give, the better the outcome will be.

IPR and engagers

When you upload your treatment prescription in the first appointment, you will notice you can select IPR and Engagers as “only if needed”. If they are required, according to the best treatment setup, the technician will add them to the case.

However, ClearCorrect is there to offer recommendations and treatment for your patient, based on the prescription you have provided, but those recommendations are never absolute.

It's up to you to make any necessary changes to customise an ideal treatment plan for each individual patient. If you think that more or less IPR would be a better treatment option, or engagers on different teeth would help or hinder the treatment, simply communicate that to the technician, and they will adjust the plan accordingly.

If you have any questions about your case, get in touch with your account rep, check our help centre, or give us a call at 1300 029 383



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