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Your loupes demo appointment

Your Osseo Group Account Rep will have our full range of Prismatic Deflection Prism Surgical Loupes (Often called refractive by our colleagues) and our wired and wireless headlights with them for you to try in-clinic and discover and compare the best options to suit your needs.

What magnifications are available?

We have ten magnifications of Prismatic Deflection Prism Surgical Loupes ranging from 2.0x up to 6.0x with Circular and ultra-wide ellipsoid fields of view, all of which use the same Prismatic Deflection Prism technology to protect your neck and provide you with perfect posture.

2.0x PENTAX PRISMVUE (ultra-wide ellipsoid field of view)

2.5X PENTAX PRISMVUE (ultra-wide ellipsoid field of view)

3.0X PENTAX PRISMVUE (ultra-wide ellipsoid field of view)

3.3X LUMADENT ERGOPRISM (circular field of view)

3.5X PENTAX PRISMVUE (ultra-wide ellipsoid field of view)

4.0X PENTAX PRISMVUE (ultra-wide ellipsoid field of view)

4.3X LUMADENT ERGOPRISM (circular field of view)

5.0X PENTAX PRISMVUE (ultra-wide ellipsoid field of view)

5.0X LUMADENT ERGOPRISM (circular field of view)

6.0X LUMADENT ERGOPRISM (circular field of view)

Which magnification is right for me?

The correct magnification depends on several factors, such as the type of dentistry you provide and your experience level. Your Account Rep will discuss your requirements and provide options to find the perfect choice at your demo.

What should I prepare for my demo?

Your Account Rep will assist you in selecting the best set of loupes and configuration during your demo; you'll need to have a few things prepared beforehand to assist them with this:

  • 45-60 minutes set aside for the demo.

  • A free clinic.

  • A nurse or associate to sit in the dental chair to determine the correct working distance and postural requirements for your custom loupes.

  • Your current optical prescription. If you wear contact lenses, don't wear glasses, or don't think you need to wear glasses, you won't need a prescription.

What will happen during the demo?

Your Account Rep will need to collect some basic biometric information to configure our demo loupes; once we've done that, your Account Rep will demonstrate our collection of loupes at the pre-set demo working distance. Once the demo is complete, your Account Rep will collect the full biometric records required for manufacturing your custom-made loupes, should you choose to proceed with your purchase.

Here's a brief rundown of how our demos are performed:

  1. We'll measure interpupillary distance (IPD)

  2. We'll set our demo loupes to your IPD (this cannot be done for Lumadent ErgoPrism, as everyone is different, our demo loupes are set to the biometric average. If you can't see through both lenses, you'll have to close one eye)

  3. You'll try out the range of loupes using your examination instruments in your colleague's mouth.

  4. We'll measure your IPD more accurately using an IPD meter.

  5. We'll take a range of photographs, including:

    1. The angle of your neck wearing the loupes.

    2. The angle of your pupils when compared to your ears holding an ophthalmology ruler.

    3. A standard frameset on your face to determine declination angle and lens positioning.

  6. We'll discuss any contraindications discovered during our record collection.

  7. We'll collect your account information, and within a few hours, we'll issue a written quote.

What do all the terms mean?

Yeah, there is a lot of terms being thrown around and even more physics-based optical hocus-focus. We've covered much of it in our help topic, Demystify the Optical Hocus-Focus.

Why choose Osseo Group?

Osseo Group has been selling loupes for a long time, and we've gotten quite good at it.

  • We've got Account Reps in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and Auckland NZ, who regularly visit the south island of New Zealand, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, the Northern Territory and the majority of regional areas in between.

  • We do everything at the demo appointment; there's no need for us to come back to collect additional records.

  • We'll provide a written quote later the same day or early the next business day.

  • Most new loupes are delivered in-person within 6-8 weeks and fitted and focused chairside by your Account Rep.

  • Our dedicated on-site service centre performs most repairs in Silverwater; the manufacturers perform the repairs of more-serious user damage in Japan or The United States of America.

  • You can contact your Account Rep for in-person support, call 1300 029 383 and speak with Provider Services, or email us at with 90% of emails responded to within 2 hours.

Want to book an in-clinic demo?

Booking an in-clinic demo is easy! Take a look at our collection of Prismatic Deflection Prism Surgical Loupes HERE or jump right in and book a demo HERE.


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