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Marketing ClearCorrect in your practice

Marketing for your practice can be overwhelming and intimidating, however it can be somewhat vital to the success of your clinic. Letting patients know what you offer, how you can help them and what new options are available is one of the best ways to get patients through the door.

If you aren’t utilising the marketing tools available, you could be missing out on new patient opportunities and revenue. There are several ways you can market your practice, and ClearCorrect has tools accessible for providers to use and expand their market.

Given most patients who are seen for other treatment need orthodontic work (whether simple or comprehensive), you could be limiting your growth if you aren’t letting patients know what options are available for malocclusion. Something as simple as a poster on the wall could get the conversation flowing!

Online marketing

Online marketing is the most popular way to get the word out about what you offer. Nearly everyone has some form of social media or email, and you can directly market to them. Having a Facebook, Instagram page or website is mainstream for the target groups you most likely want to treat with ClearCorrect.

Web Design

Having a fun, easy to navigate web page is what most patients will see first when they search your practice name. Having easy to read text, logos, and pictures to explain the treatment options is the best way to showcase your clinic. Make sure you keep your website up to date with current information, so it is professional and doesn’t cause any confusion.

Social Media

You’ll find most businesses have at least one social media page, if not all! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the main platforms. Having one or more social media sites encourages patients as you would be posting up to date information, pictures, videos and will likely be obtaining a following. Keeping your pages fun yet professional will allow patients to resonate with what they see! Try posting photos or videos of any work you are extremely proud of, social outings with the dental team, and up to date photos of the practice -never post testimonials, AHPRA and ADC doesn't allow that.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the process of making sure you get the highest number of visitors to your page, by having a significant position on a list of results returned by a search engine. The higher on the results page your website falls, the better! Most patients will judge how suitable or popular a practice is, based on where you rank. You want to fall on the first page of a Google search, as most people won’t search further than that.

In-office marketing

Visible Marketing

ClearCorrect has posters, patient brochures, patient flip books and waiting room pull-up banners available for purchase HERE. Showcasing these ClearCorrect pieces will not only attract patients who know about clear aligners but will become a talking point for your patients who aren’t aware of this treatment. Remember- brand recognition is important, so the more material you have displayed, the more you can chat to patients about it!

Talk about ClearCorrect

Promoting ClearCorrect isn’t only the dentist’s job, but also the other staff in the practice. Inform your receptionist about ClearCorrect, ask your dental assistant to chat about the product, and have your hygienist mention it to the patients. Having the whole team on board and in unity about the products you are offering will allow patients to feel comfortable and confident in what you are offering.

Some clinics will treat one of their staff members who may require ClearCorrect and use this as a tool to show patients how ClearCorrect works. Having staff members who are passionate about a product will reflect throughout the practice and attract those new patients to you.

Don’t be afraid to mention misalignment to patients either; sometimes simply asking them how they would like to improve their smile or how they would change it, can lead to a new ClearCorrect case. You can ask them how they rate their current smile, inform them on how misaligned teeth can lead to further problems in the future, or let them know that fixing misalignment can help with simple daily tasks such as chewing or keeping teeth clean.

Marketing ClearCorrect is all about starting a conversation and educating patients. With the correct tools and confidence, you will be on your way to treating a vast range of cases!

If you have any questions about getting started, contact your account rep, check our help centre, or give us a call at 1300 029 383.


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