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Perfectly Accurate

Especially in a year like this one, getting the most out of your time and materials so you can give the best possible restorations to your patients is absolutely vital.

When providing crowns, no doctor or patient wants the added time and expense of needing an additional appointment for a second impression, nor does either want to see a crown fracture far too soon because it was made thin and fragile. This is why it is always so important to make sure your crown preps are accurate with PrepSure.

Palm trees during a hurricane

While we mostly talk about PrepSure as a way to ensure adequate occlusal clearance on crown preps, it can be just as helpful in confirming the accuracy of the other aspects of your preps as well.

By using the precisely measured PrepSure tips in your depth cuts and against your margins, you can simply and easily expand the usage of these already helpful instruments. In doing so, you can get more functionality out of PrepSure, helping you give more accurate results when prepping for crowns.

PrepSure, helping you give more accurate results when prepping for crowns.

Figure 1

For anterior crowns, place the tip of the appropriate PrepSure size for the material being used into your incisal depth cuts. By comparing against that adjacent, uncut tooth structure, you can easily ensure adequate clearance will be made.

Figure 2

The tips can also be used to check that adequate space has been prepared at the margin, as well as that the gingival margin is adequately spaced from the adjacent tooth (image courtesy of Dr. Patrick Roetzer).

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