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ProCam XS in live implant surgery with ARIA

Osseo Group were recently invited to attend a live implant placement surgery with the Australasian Restorative and Implant Academy, to showcase how the Futudent ProCam XS could be used in the way of recording and sharing live videos for education, and I was lucky enough to join the class to represent this product.

The Australasian Restorative and Implant Academy (ARIA) is a small group of specialists who have an abundance of knowledge in the field of Dental Implantology.

On the day of attendance, I was fortunate enough to be able to interact with and meet three of these specialists, including:

  • Dr Praveen Nathaniel, a Prosthodontist who has been restoring and placing implants for over 27 years and has long been a lecturer for various implant systems, both in Australia and internationally.

  • Dr Matthew Youssef, who has completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Implantology and has been educated by world leaders in Implant Dentistry, also having become a GIDE Master Clinician in Implantology, and

  • Dr Luan Ngo, who was the specialist Periodontist placing the implant for the patient on the day of the course. He is the lecturer at Melbourne Dental School for the periodontics program and is the current president of the Victorian Branch of the Australian Society of Periodontology.

ARIA provides a hands-on and practical education for dentists who wish to gain more insight and knowledge of implants and restorative dentistry and offers access to in-person learning from specialists and leaders in the field. They also hold courses for the whole dental team on how to properly set up a surgical procedure.

On the day of the course, the team provided pig jaws for hands-on clinical practice of placing an implant and offered the opportunity to observe a live placement of an implant on a patient.

The course was held at the leafy green headquarters of Dentsply Sirona in Mount Waverley. They were able to provide use of their clinical rooms which made a very real, surgery-like setting for the attendees. The staff from Dentsply Sirona were very knowledgeable in implants and the required equipment, and were helpful, accommodating and catered for everyone on the day.

The team at ARIA wanted to find a camera that was able to record, stream and give high quality images for education purposes, so we set up and tested the Futudent ProCam XS 4K recording camera in the clinical room.

I was joined by Mr Marcelo Paternoster, who is an experienced photographer and videographer. Together we were able to set up the ProCam on the dental chair, attached to the overhead light. We ran the USB connection to the computer along the chair using the included two USB connection cords. This was a great opportunity to really get an idea of how the camera can be used when not attached to loupes or glasses, and how the setup would work with a computer which wasn’t within proximity to the dental chair.

Using the latest Mac laptop with the minimum system requirements for Futudent, we spent a decent amount of time testing the camera for recording, image quality and focus, how zoomed in we needed the camera to be and the HDMI connection from the laptop to the monitor on the dental chair. With all aspects working perfectly, we then wanted to test out the live streaming component.

We used the Zoom program in this instance, and once the ProCam was set up and recording, we were able to screen share via Zoom to a computer in another room where the attendees were. This was then projected onto the wall for all to observe, as the live surgery was being conducted.

The image quality was great, and the recording worked perfectly, however as expected with using an internet connection, the screen share was a little slower than the actual recording. However, the attendees were still able to view what the camera was recording.

Dr Luan Ngo was able to use the overhead chair light as normal, and the camera did not interfere with his view. Given that he was placing an implant in the upper arch, some angles were difficult to see but overall, the procedure was captured and shared.

The focus was able to stay within the range we had setup for the working distance between the camera position and the patient’s mouth, even with the doctor moving the light occasionally.

Upon discussion with the team at ARIA, we explored another possible option to use the ProCam: a handheld camera holder, allowing the person operating the camera to get up close and personal to the tooth being restored or the implant placement procedure. This would likely require an Android device (such as a phone or small tablet, with the minimum requirements) to be connected to the camera using an OTG connection, or the camera could be connected to a Mac or PC using the standard USB connection and extension cords.

The ProCam achieved what we wanted: to easily capture and record a live surgery and live stream to attendees in another room for educational purposes. However, as with all things, there could always be some improvements, and this experience was no exception. Ideally, the screen share would be less slow, and the camera position would need to get closer to capture some difficult angles.

I also showcased our range of Deflection loupes, including the Pentax and the new LumaDent ErgoPrism loupes. Some dentists were able to have a quick look and see how beneficial this style of loupe is for neck and back health.

On behalf of Osseo Group, I would like to thank the team at ARIA and Dentsply for allowing me the opportunity to set up and test the ProCam in a live surgery setting for the purpose of recording and sharing for education.

This was a great representation of how versatile and easily adaptable the Futudent range of miniature recording cameras can be for education, sharing for social media or record-keeping purposes.

Book an in-clinic demo of the ProCam XS HERE and try it yourself.




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