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Sheer white teeth

Sheer White! is a whitening system that delivers professional whitening results in the comfort of home. Easier. Faster. Better. – yet still exclusively sold by dentists to their patients.

Sheer White! Films are the most significant advancement in teeth whitening in nearly a decade. Fast and effective whitening that everyone will love.

The thin, mouldable films completely contour to teeth and arch, tightly adapting to each user’s anatomy without the need for custom-made trays – comfortable to wear for an hour or overnight.

"Sheer White! Films are the most significant advancement in teeth whitening in nearly a decade."

Sheer White! fits tight, won’t move; patients' can speak clearly with no gooey gel. No more bulky whitening trays that pinch the gums or are uncomfortable to wear and prevent effective speech... Or get lost! And patient's who've previously used over the counter style strips will immediately feel the difference.

Sheer White! features 20% Carbamide Peroxide gel – the standard in whitening material. The film seals tightly to teeth and gums to keep the gel pressed against the teeth.

Wear for an hour or overnight; the longer wear time means faster whitening. Whitening results are similar to that with whitening trays – except NO trays are required.

Sheer White! Key Features:

  • Thin, tight fitting films - for unmatched comfort.

  • Long-lived 20% strength Carbamide Peroxide – outstanding whitening results.

  • Increased convenience for more satisfying results.

  • No bulky trays to make, no additional costs.

  • Priced just right.

To learn more about Sheer White or place an order, get in touch with your account rep, give us a call at 1300 029 383 or visit our store.


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