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An ultra-fast intuitive user experience.

The AutoScan-DS-MIX high-end dental lab 3D scanner developed by SHINING 3D inspires users with its open design and modular structure.

The AutoScan-DS-MIX features fine details, high accuracy, and high efficiency – perfect for crowns & bridges, abutments, bars, digital dentures etc.

Ultra-fine Details: 2*5.0 MP

Thanks to dual 5.0 MP high-resolution cameras, AutoScan-DS-MIX can perfectly capture edge lines of abutments and features of scan bodies.

2*1.3MP vs. 2*5.0MP

High Accuracy ≤7μm

Scan accuracy ≤7μm assures reliable scan results.

Improve Efficiency with All-in-one Scan by 30%

AutoScan-DS-MIX features a High-efficiency Scan Mode – 13 seconds for scanning a full arch. With an All-in-one scan, it can improve scan efficiency by approx. 30%.

Intelligent add-on-scan

The integrated scanning software features automatic detection of unscanned surfaces and automatic add-on-scans – AutoScan-DS-MIX offers an ultra-fast

intuitive user experience.

An open relationship

The AutoScan-DS-MIX allows you to export STL or textured PLY 3D files. You can import them into your choice of design software.

The AutoScan-DS-MIX also works natively with ExoCAD.

“AutoScan-DS-MIX dental lab scanner has been developed specially for those cases requiring higher data resolution and accuracy. Different from other HD scanners in the market, AutoScan-DS-MIX dental lab scanner has adopted exceptional AI function and intuitive workflow to deliver unexpected work efficiency. So basically it is a scan solution for all dental applications. “ Kevin Ping Product Manager of SHINING 3D Dental

SHINING 3D and Osseo Group are committed to the digital future of dentistry, delivering complete dental solutions for dental labs and clinics alike.

The AutoScan-DS-MIX dental lab 3D scanner empowers the technician with Ai-driven implant scanning and boosts general scanning efficiency. ''

How much is it?

AutoScan-DS-MIX has everything you need to get started, including the AutoScan-DS-MIX, accessories, Dell workstation, unlimited license key, and installation and software support for $22,000+GST.

For more information on the AutoScan-DS-MIX, click HERE to book a time with our in-office technician to try out the scanner.


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