Aerosol Evacuation System | VacStation

Aerosol Evacuation System | VacStation


VacStation is an extraoral aerosol evacuation system designed to lower the risk of infection within your practice.


VacStation uses a high-powered brushless DC pump to draw aerosol contaminants generated by high-speed drills, prophy, and laser surgery through high-density filter mediums. These filters eliminate blood, viruses, bacteria, odor, and then finally, disinfect the filtered air with high-intensity UV LEDs before returning the clean air to your clinic.


VacStation's sleek design allows it to be wheeled around the clinic between patients and procedures, and its intelligent brushless DC motor is virtually silent at just 62DB on the highest setting, which is comparable to the noise an average split-system air conditioner makes on the highest fan setting will process 3.7 cubic meters of air per minute at 3000Pa.


Power - 240VAC/50hz

Maximum suction - 3000Pa

Noise - 62db on highest setting (about the same as a split-system air conditioner)

Process capability - 3.7 cubic meters per minute

Settings - 10 power settings

Unit dimensions - 21kg @ 530x460x600mm


For the purpose of clarity, this device does in no way purport or claim to specifically eliminate or reduce the risks or spread of COVID-19. It is designed to reduce the risks of non-specific pathogens transmitted by aerosols containing bodily fluids. Read the third party test report HERE for bacteria and HERE for viruses.


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