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Metismile: The ultimate solution for complex cosmetic, restorative, and rehabilitative cases.

Are you a dentist seeking to provide your patients with the best possible dental care? Look no further! Metismile, the first face scanner developed exclusively for dentistry by SHINING 3D DENTAL, answers all your advanced extraoral metrology needs.

Let's explore why face scanning is crucial for dentistry and why Metismile is the most affordable and doctor-friendly solution for complex cosmetic, orthodontic, restorative, and rehabilitative dental treatments.

Metismile from Shining 3D and Osseo Group

The Metismile Advantage

Metismile sets itself apart from other face scanners with its affordability and user-friendly interface. It offers a compact and portable unit, weighing only 800 grams.

The advanced technology, including an Infrared Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) and high-resolution cameras, ensures accurate and detailed facial scans with an impressive accuracy of 50 microns.

The Power of Face Scanning in Dentistry

The digital revolution is transforming dentistry, and face scanners play a vital role in this transformation. By combining intraoral and face scanning, dentists can capture comprehensive 3D information about the patient's teeth, face, and bone structures. This "virtual patient" model serves as a foundation for precise treatment planning, enhancing the diagnostic and communication processes with patients.

Enhancing Patient Experience

Face scanning with Metismile goes beyond traditional impressions and enhances patient comfort during dental procedures. Patients benefit from a non-invasive and fast scanning process, eliminating the need for conventional analog impressions with trays and materials.

The realistic 3D rendering of their facial features and treatment simulations helps patients visualise the final results and actively participate in treatment planning decisions.

Enhanced Patient Involvement

Through the clear visualisations created by the integrated scans, dentists and technicians can involve patients more effectively in the treatment process. This three-way communication fosters a sense of ownership and understanding among patients, leading to higher satisfaction and confidence in the treatment.

More Precise Communication of Treatment Plans

By providing dental technicians with comprehensive 3D models that integrate both facial and intraoral scans, dentists can convey the treatment objectives more clearly and precisely. This clarity helps technicians better understand the dentist's vision and expectations for the final outcome.

Improved Design Collaboration

Dental technicians are crucial in designing prosthetics, aligners, and other dental devices. The detailed information provided by the integrated scans allows for closer collaboration between dentists and technicians in the design process, ensuring that the devices are tailored perfectly to the patient's unique anatomy and needs.

Sharing detailed and integrated intra and extraoral 3D models digitally enables seamless remote collaboration, speeding up the process and allowing access to specialised expertise, regardless of location.

Metismile Scanner from Shining 3D and Osseo Group

Faster Iterations and Adjustments

If design adjustments or refinements are needed, the comprehensive 3D models enable quicker and more accurate communication of the changes required. This can reduce the number of questions, iterations, and physical mockups needed, saving time and resources.

Quality Control and Assurance

The precise and detailed information from the integrated scans enables technicians to ensure that the devices they are creating meet the highest standards of quality and fit. Any discrepancies or potential issues can be identified and addressed early.

Educational Interactions

The collaboration between dentists and technicians often involves mutual learning and growth. By working together on complex cases with the enhanced data from the integrated scans, both parties can deepen their understanding of the intricacies involved, leading to continued professional development.

Easy Integration with Intraoral Scans

Metismile seamlessly integrates with Aoralscan 3 and other intraoral scans, providing a comprehensive view of the patient's teeth in relation to their facial features. Dentists can use this virtual patient simulation for treatment planning, diagnosis, and communication, enhancing patient experience and satisfaction.

Streamlined Workflow

The ability to easily share and discuss the comprehensive data from the integrated scans can streamline the entire workflow from diagnosis to treatment completion. This efficiency improves the patient's experience and enhances the working relationship between the dentist and technician.

Affordable and Doctor-Friendly Solution

MetiSmile offers dentists an affordable and accessible solution to incorporate advanced face scanning into their practice. Its intuitive software simplifies the scanning process, allowing dentists to focus on providing the best care to their patients effectively.

Experience the Future of Dentistry with Metismile!

Join the dental professionals who have embraced the power of face scanning with Metismile.

With Metismile, you can confidently expand your treatment options, easily providing complex cosmetic, orthodontic, restorative, and rehabilitative dental solutions, benefiting from:

  • Clearer communication of treatment plans - Comprehensive 3D models help convey treatment objectives more precisely.

  • Improved Design Collaboration - Facilitates closer collaboration in designing dental devices.

  • Faster Iterations and Adjustments - Enables quicker communication for changes and refinements.

  • Quality Control and Assurance - Ensures that devices meet the highest standards of quality and fit.

  • Remote Collaboration - Allows for seamless remote collaboration, speeding up the process.

  • Educational Interactions - Encourages mutual learning and growth between dentists and technicians.

  • Improved Comfort and Visualisation - Eliminates the need for traditional impressions, intra/extraoral photographs, and enables a non-invasive scanning process.

  • Enhanced Patient Involvement - Facilitates three-way communication among dentists, technicians, and patients.

  • Personalised Treatment Planning - Enables the creation of highly customised treatment plans that are both accurate and visually appealing.

  • Integration with Aoralscan 3 and Others - Allows seamless integration with intraoral scans for a comprehensive view.

  • Realistic 3D Rendering of Superimposed Designs - Helps patients visualise the final results and actively participate in treatment planning.

  • Monitoring Treatment Progress - Allows tracking changes and progress in the patient's condition.

  • Advancements in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Treatment - Aids in the precise design of customised CPAP masks or other devices.

  • Portability and User-Friendly Interface - Metismile offers a compact and portable unit, weighing only 800 grams and features advanced technology for accurate scanning.

Empower your patients and colleagues with advanced 3D records, treatment simulations, and enhance the overall treatment experience.

Embrace the future of dentistry with Metismile - the affordable and doctor-friendly solution for complex cosmetic, restorative, and rehabilitative dental treatments.

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