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Introducing the SHINING 3D AccuFab-CEL with Collimated Programmable Lithography (CPL)

SHINING 3D is excited to unveil the AccuFab-CEL, a trailblazer in dental 3D printing that combines unmatched speed, precision, and doctor-friendliness. This pinnacle of dental printing technology integrates SHINING 3D's proprietary mainboard and a high-performance light panel, setting new benchmarks for speed and quality in dental product fabrication.

Enhanced Speed for Various Dental Products

The AccuFab-CEL is renowned for its exceptional printing speed, particularly when operating at full-platform capacity. Dental professionals can expect significant efficiency improvements, with printing times estimated at:

  • Orthodontic models: 14 minutes

  • Surgical guide: 20 minutes

  • Crown & Bridge: 11 minutes

  • Implant models: 20 minutes

  • Denture: 70 minutes for vertical printing

  • Splint: 45 minutes for tilted printing with HyperClear

These times, achieved through the printer's 100μm layer thickness setting, though variations may occur with different layer settings and quantities of printable layers.

AccuFab-CEL form Osseo Group and Shining 3D
Invention of Collimated Programmable Lithography

Xianlin 3D (Shining 3D) is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking 3D printing technology, Collimated Programmable Lithography (CPL), designed specifically for the dental industry. This innovative approach redefines the standards of dental product manufacturing by integrating advanced light control, computational intelligence, and precise material handling, especially as implemented in the AccuFab-CEL printer.

How CPL Works

CPL technology stands out with its use of a collimated UV light source, where light rays are parallelised to maintain focus and intensity across distances. This is crucial for achieving the high resolution required in dental applications. Each LED in the UV dot matrix can be individually controlled for intensity and duration, allowing for meticulous layer-by-layer construction of dental products.

The heart of CPL technology lies in its dynamic light modulation capability. By programmatically adjusting the light patterns for each layer, CPL can create complex structures with unprecedented precision. Integrated real-time computational algorithms optimize the exposure for each layer, ensuring the photo-sensitive resin cures exactly to specifications. Additionally, adaptive feedback systems monitor and adjust the curing process, ensuring consistent quality across the print job.

Collimated UV Light Source

The AccuFab-CEL employs a UV LED light matrix that emits collimated light—rays that are parallel and retain their intensity and focus over distance. This precise light manipulation is fundamental for achieving exceptional detail in dental products.

Dynamic Light Modulation

Each LED can be individually controlled for intensity and exposure time, allowing for the selective curing of photo-sensitive resin. This capability enables the printer to build complex structures with exacting detail, crucial for dental applications.

Adaptive Feedback System

Real-time monitoring sensors adjust the light exposure during the print process. This system ensures consistent results by compensating for any variable conditions in the resin or environment, maintaining high-quality production throughout the printing cycle.

Layer-by-Layer Fabrication

The printer constructs the dental product layer by layer. After each layer is exposed to the UV light and cured, the build platform adjusts, and the next layer is processed. This methodical approach allows for the intricate detailing required in dental products.

Optimised Material Handling

CPL technology adjusts parameters such as light intensity based on the type of dental resin used, optimizing the curing process for various materials to ensure the best results.

Innovative Ceramic Platforms

A standout feature of the AccuFab-CEL is its ceramic platform—the first in the industry designed by SHINING 3D. This innovation not only extends the platform's lifespan but also significantly enhances the user experience. The ceramic platforms, available in small and large sizes, are chemically inert and biocompatible, ensuring that the printed products are non-toxic and safe for oral use. Their contamination-resistant nature also boosts the overall print quality.

Doctor-Friendly Features and High Accuracy

The transition from a knob to a one-click platform lock simplifies the operation, allowing for a straightforward 'On' or 'Off' setting that enhances user convenience. Furthermore, the printer achieves an impressive accuracy of ±35μm, thanks to SHINING 3D’s newly developed “Collimated Programmable Lithography” technology. This ensures even light distribution, crucial for achieving high accuracy and performance in printed models.

Advanced Environmental Controls

AccuFab-CEL’s advanced environmental monitoring ensure optimal printing conditions by continuously tracking cabin temperature and humidity. The printer's built-in heating function activates if the temperature is too low, safeguarding the printing process against variations that could lead to failures and dimensional instability.

Quiet Operation and Robust Connectivity

The printer’s enhanced Z-axis movement system offers a quieter operation, contributing to a more comfortable and less disruptive working environment. Additionally, its six-core CPU mainboard supports a 5GHz connection, ensuring efficient data handling for swift and smooth operations during the slicing phase.

Comprehensive Material Choices and Software Integration

SHINING Dent, SHINING 3D’s material range, provides a selection of 11 different resins tailored for various dental applications. The partnership with leading dental material brands further expands the material choices available, offering flexibility and a broad range of printing possibilities. Integrated design software modules like CreSplint, CreIBT, AccuDesign, and CreTemp in AccuWare facilitate a seamless and efficient printing process.

Book an in-clinic demo

With its advanced features, user-centric design, and robust performance, the SHINING 3D AccuFab-CEL is set to redefine the standards of dental 3D printing. Its ability to deliver high-quality, accurate dental products quickly and efficiently makes it an invaluable tool for dental professionals seeking to enhance their service offerings and operational efficiency. Click HERE to book an in-clinic demo.



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