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USYD loupes show

What a way to start off the events for March here in NSW!

Last night we took part in a very successful event to inspire, engage and educate around 120 of the next generation of dentists.

Paul and I, attended the event with enthusiasm, passion and eagerness to share our knowledge of Pentax Loupes and LumaDent lights.

The University of Sydney was a great setting and we really enjoyed the night and the chance to meet with the students.

Products at hand had many intrigued, curious and wanting to learn more with the development of the Pentax ergonomic design. One of the main advantages of Pentax Loupes are the positive long term health effects of upright posture and relief of eye stain which the students really took on board – learn more HERE.

Thanks to Jack and Udaya for hosting this event and giving Osseo Group the opportunity to take part. We appreciate the invitation!

If you would like to get in touch with your account rep please click HERE

or book yourself an in-demo for any of Osseo’s products such as Pentax Loupes HERE.

Hope to see you at ADX22!


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