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Safe use of lasers..

Osseo Group believes in providing education about the products we offer and our first Melbourne Laser Dentistry course for the year was held over the weekend, with Dr Lan Tran from Dream Dental in Queensland giving us all the best advice and details on how to perform Laser Dentistry in all aspects of every day dental procedures.

Laser dentistry course AMD Picasso Osseo Group

The course was held at the Mantra on Russell in Melbourne’s glorious autumn CBD, which was surely a shock to a few interstate attendees given the drop in temperature, however plenty of coffee and a cosy boardroom with lots of friendly conversation made up for the chilly morning.

The presentation was informative and covered all aspects of legalities surrounding using a laser in the dental practice, developing relevant Standard Operating Procedures and safety precautions, but don’t be fooled- Dr Lan Tran’s infectiously energetic and bubbly personality kept the attendees awake throughout the administrative side of things! Given it was an intimate setting of 12 attendees, there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get involved, and Dr Tran was more than happy to answer any questions.

Laser dentistry course AMD Picasso Osseo Group

Structured around the standards of the AS/NZS 4173 Safe use of lasers and intense light sources in Health Care, we also had a certification component to the course, which is now required in several states in Australia, to use a dental laser legally. The attendees were required to answer an examination paper and we are proud to announce a 100% pass rate!

The word LASER is an acronym Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, which is how lasers generate ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) emissions. We were lucky enough to have both the AMD Picasso Lite laser (IR) and the Woodpecker LX16 laser (both UV and IR wavelengths), so the attendees got a proper hands-on experience with two types of Diode (or soft tissue) lasers.

Osseo Group staff came prepared with all the tools required to practice laser dentistry, including some specially sourced butcher’s meat, for the attendees to really grasp the feel of the laser on a proper soft tissue specimen. We’re not sure if the hotel appreciated the smell of a barbeque lingering in the room, but luckily no objections were received!

Using face masks and making sure the two laser types were in separate rooms due to the different wavelengths, we were able to rotate the attendees to experiment with both lasers. Relevant protective eyewear was worn, and the soft tissue specimens were practiced with for a hands-on experience to utilise the knowledge already learnt earlier in the day.

On behalf of Osseo Group and the dentists who attended on the weekend, we would like to thank Dr Lan Tran for a fun and interactive day enjoyed by all and are very much looking forward to seeing her again at the AALD Conference 2022 in Tangalooma.

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