Change a ClearCorrect wear schedule

By default, a ClearCorrect wear schedule is set to 2-weeks per set.


If your ClearCorrect case is progressing faster or slower than expected, you can submit a request to change the wear schedule to a 1-week, 2-week, or 3-week schedule.


Wear schedules can vary when you're using Dental Monitoring, so we recommend that you select a 1-week wear schedule to ensure that future phases arrive on time.


Lost or damaged aligners

Patients lose or damage their aligners. It happens all the time. Aligners can be lost or damaged in a surprising variety of different ways: being left in a hot car, thrown away with lunch, eaten by the family dog? – We've heard it all.


Our one-step ordering system makes replacing aligners easy and gets your cases back on track faster! 


Make a repair request

Is something playing up? Dropped your loupes? Osseo Group's technical support and service department is here to help.


Lodge your repair request today one of our skilled in-house service technicians will take a look and get you back on track.


Return request

If you find that you have incorrectly ordered a product after you've received it and need to swap it for another, you can request to send it back to us within 10 calendar days of the shipping date and we'll apply credit for the product only.

When returning a product, you'll need to complete the Return Authorisation Form.


Some conditions and exclusions apply, see our terms for details.

Delivery Service