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AALD Dental Conference 2022 Tangalooma

Osseo Group was recently invited to sponsor the Australian Association of Laser Dentistry (AALD) 2022 Dental Conference at Moreton Island in Queensland, and two of our very lucky staff members were able to attend this exciting event.

Held from the 13th - 15th of May at the Tangalooma Island Resort, there was an intimate number of attendees and their families. “Island time” was the motto for the weekend, and many dentists donned their best tropical shirts and shorts, which was a nice change from the daily scrubs.

Laser course with Osseo Group

The event was perfectly put together by the AALD and everyone could feel the relaxation and fun in the air as soon as we boarded the ferry from Brisbane. The conditions were a little cloudy and raining, however, that didn’t dampen any moods!

The first day consisted of a wild dolphin feeding experience and a “Hawaiian Dress” dinner, and there were plenty of palm tree shirts on display and flower leis around our necks. As the night progressed and everyone socialised, more and more of us flocked to the dancefloor. I was personally disappointed there was no dance battle!

Saturday morning was filled with lectures and presentations for the dentists, and the trade display was in full swing from 8.30 am. The attendees were able to see all the different Lasers on display, including both soft tissue and hard tissue products. Osseo Group had our AMD Picasso Lite and Woodpecker LX16 on display, and we had lots of interest in the new Woodpecker Dual-wavelength Laser (with IR and Blue light). There was a big interest in Lasers which can perform Photobiomodulation (PBM or LLLT) and both our Lasers can do so. Other sponsors included Ultradent with their Gemini Laser, Ritter Dental with the Biolase, Innovative Medical with the Fotona Laser and Australian Imaging with their own range of imaging systems and printing solutions. It was a perfect opportunity to mingle with these companies and see all the great technology in the Laser dental field.

After some hands-on experiences with the Lasers and the Ultradent Amazing Race completed, we prepared for a seafood buffet dinner and White Party. Everyone wore their best white outfit, and some Greek togas and angel wings were spotted flying around. More dancing followed, and regrettably, the karaoke idea being passed around didn’t take off. Maybe next time!

Woodpecker LX16+ Laser from Osseo Group

More lectures and presentations finished off the event on Sunday morning, and by lunchtime, most attendees were ready to head home, however, a lucky few were able to stay on an extended holiday.

The whole weekend was managed impeccably by the team at AALD and we couldn’t be happier with the result of the event. Dr David Cox and Dr Lan Tran were exceptional and happy to give so much advice on all the lasers; they are clearly very passionate and knowledgeable about this field in dentistry, and we are very appreciative of all the help and support they offered.

Picasso AMD Laser diode from Osseo Group

Osseo Group would like to extend a huge thank you to the AALD team and all the attendees of the event for making this an unforgettable experience. It was wonderful to meet so many amazing people from around Australia, and we will be sure to see you at the next event.

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