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ADX22 – it's a wrap!

The first quarter of 2022 is nearly done, and Osseo Group has attended some great events so far, including the sensational ADX 2022 at the ICC in the picturesque Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Osseo Group trade stand

Osseo Group had a unique and interactive stand, which was put together by our very own team- an excellent job done as usual, and credit must be given!

There was plenty to look at and several products were available for a hands-on example, including the Semorr Microscope, AoralScan3 IOS and the Pentax Loupes.

It was great to see so many familiar faces stopping by after two years of uncertain times, and to have some normality back in the Dental industry.

Starting on Thursday and running until Saturday, we had all our team on deck, including our interstate members travelling from Queensland and Victoria. It was exciting to be able to spend some quality time with the whole team in person.

The days started with coffee (of course) and the self-appointed traditional ADX theme song, “Let’s Get Loud”, which certainly got the vibes flowing for the day ahead. All the exhibitors were no doubt looking forward to the morning boogie!

The Semorr Microscope and AoralScan3 IOS were popular products on display, with lots of dentists stopping to have a look and test them out. Being able to see the excellent quality of these two new products in person was a definite positive for them! An abundance of magnification was tested, and many scans were taken.

Osseo Group trade stand

Our Loupes and Lasers were in popular demand, with an assortment of dentists and students trying on the Pentax Loupes. The Picasso and Woodpecker lasers gained a large amount of interest, due to the increasing popularity of Laser Dentistry and our recent Laser course run by Dr Lan Tran. The main differences and features of the two types of lasers were discussed in detail and our team was eager to help anyone who stopped by for a chat.

ADX was the perfect opportunity to launch a new range of C-Tech Implants, the Esthetic Line. We had a couple of items on display including the surgical kit, and the Implanter Drill from Woodpecker. It’s been great to have not only a Mini Dental Implant range, but now Conventional Implants for all your restorative needs.

We also had the chance to launch our new Volume Discount Policy for ClearCorrect, exclusive to providers registered with Osseo Group. Not only is this accessible for all registered dentists, whether submitting only one case per month or 20 cases per month, but also obtainable as the discount is valid for any approved ClearCorrect case - not a dollar amount.

Osseo Group would like to extend a huge thank you to all our valued customers who came and showed their support. It was lovely to reconnect and speak with everyone after such a long time of being separated, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next event!

As always, please contact your Account Rep or call us at 1300 029 383 for a demo on our products or to have a chat about how we can assist you.


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