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Free orthodontic simulation.

Does your IOS have an inbuilt Orthodontic Simulation feature free of charge? Ours does!

Our orthodontic simulation software simulates realistic orthodontic corrections on-screen in seconds, encouraging patient interaction and helping you advance acceptance of their recommended treatment plans.

There's no need to wait to get a setup back from ClearCorrect – Just scan, simulate, show the patient, and if they're happy to go ahead, you can send the same scans off for the treatment setup and approval.

The Aroalscan IOS form Shining 3D and Osseo Group is a powerful, lightning fast, and doctor-friendly scanner and software package.

✓ No licence or upgrade fees – EVER.

✓ 25s per full-arch scan.

✓ FREE Ortho simulation software.

✓ FREE Patient oral health report software.

✓ Works with aligner companies like ClearCorrect.

✓ Works all digital dental laboratories like Cyberdent.

✓ All-inclusive pricing – cart, laptop, scanner, and accessories for only $22k + GST

Learn more and book a demo at

Your patient will be able to scan the QR code chair side or you can send them the link later.

Check out the patient demo link HERE and see exactly what your patient will see.

Click HERE to download the model sets used to create this setup.

You've probably worked out by now that the software just expanded the arch to create space and performed some minor alignment. This is far less than ideal clinically, but it's important to remember two things.

  1. This is only a sales tool for you to encourage a patient to consider comprehensive treatment.

  2. The patient isn't a dentist or orthodontist and will be happy to see any improvement.

"Why don't we see what you could look

like after orthodontic treatment?"

You can send the ClearCorrect Treatment Setup or Clincheck to the patient later once you've considered the treatment options and requirements – best of all, there is no need to re-scan your patient to submit the real case.

Learn more and book a demo at


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