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The Picasso Plus, and Picasso Lite+ diode lasers units are factory calibrated upon sale. For accurate treatment results and patient safety, the unit should be calibrated every 12 months following the date of purchase.

Osseo Group laser calibration service

The calibration procedure requires specialised equipment and technical expertise. Leaving too much time between calibrations will likely lead to the following common problems:

  • Power drift Laser is set to 3w but only 1.2w is coming out the tip. This can be caused by dirty optical connections, the diodes natural life cycle, or damage to the power supply.

  • Dust ingress Inside of the laser fills with dust and the diode can't cool down, the diode overheats and attenuates or fails completely.

  • Burn-through Over time, your fibre optic cable degrades and eventually fails or attenuates the laser output, this is similar to power drift where you notice less than expected output or complete output failure.

Any of these issues, either individual or combined will increase your risk of patient injury, decrease treatment outcome predictability, and will likely lead to the units damage and failure.

Osseo Group's in-house service department offers a dedicated AMD Picasso maintenance, repair and calibration service via our online store. You can book a calibration HERE.

What's included in the calibration service?

  • Pickup

  • Calibration

  • Cleaning

  • Safety check

  • Test and tagging

  • Return shipping

What happens if my laser fails calibration?

This happens sometimes and is usually very easy to rectify. We'll quote you for the repair and once that's completed, we'll continue with the calibration.

Sometimes, however rare, the combined cost to calibrate and repair is close to, or greater than 50% of the cost of a new laser. We'll leave the decision up to you, but we'll always offer a $500 trade-in deal (on top of the amount you've already paid for the calibration) for us to hang onto the broken laser against the cost of you buying a new one from us.

If you've got any questions, give your account rep a call HERE or if you're ready to go ahead with the calibration, book your calibration pick-up HERE.


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