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A Decade of Innovation and Partnership: Celebrating ClearCorrect's Journey in the Australasian Market


In the dynamic world of dental solutions, the evolution of clear aligners has marked a significant milestone in orthodontic treatment, offering a blend of aesthetics, comfort, and effectiveness. Among the pioneers in this field, ClearCorrect stands out, thanks to the visionary efforts of Dr. Willis Pumphrey and the strategic partnership with Osseo Group (formerly known as Osseo Dental). This article takes you through the remarkable journey of ClearCorrect in the Australasian market, highlighting key milestones and the future outlook under the Straumann Group representing a decade of innovation.

The Humble Beginnings

The inception of ClearCorrect into the Australasian market was anything but ordinary. It all began with a soft launch, a strategic move to introduce the market to a new era of orthodontic solutions. This phase was characterised by milled models and paper prescriptions, a simple yet effective approach to outline each step of the aligner's journey. The soft launch laid the groundwork for what was to come, setting the stage for an extensive lecture tour that officially introduced ClearCorrect to dental professionals across the region.

Evolution of Technology

ClearCorrect's journey is a testament to innovation and adaptation. From the initial days of milled models, the technology evolved to incorporate printed models and robotically trimmed aligners, marking a significant leap in precision and efficiency. However, the most transformative advancement came with the introduction of ClearPilot – a doctor-assisted treatment planning and online portal. This tool not only streamlined the treatment planning process but also enhanced the collaboration between dentists and ClearCorrect, ensuring tailored solutions for patients.

A New Chapter with Straumann Group

As we approach April 1, 2024, ClearCorrect is set to embark on a new chapter under the Straumann Group. This transition, meticulously planned in collaboration with Osseo Group, promises a seamless experience for dental practices and their patients. The decision to join forces with Straumann Group, a global leader in dental solutions, was driven by a shared vision for innovation and excellence in patient care. Straumann's acknowledgment of Osseo Group's pivotal role in ClearCorrect's success underscores the spirit of partnership and gratitude that has been a hallmark of this journey.

A Decade of Partnership and Growth

Reflecting on the past decade, it's clear that Osseo Group's unwavering support and dedication have been instrumental in ClearCorrect's growth. By introducing the product to the ANZ market as the sole alternative at the time, and supporting over 3,000 clinicians, Osseo Group has laid a strong foundation for ClearCorrect's continued success. Their commitment to innovation and quality has not only transformed smiles but also empowered dental professionals across the region.

Looking Ahead

With ClearCorrect now a proud brand of the Straumann Group, the vision for the future is more ambitious than ever. Aiming to be the partner of choice for clear aligner growth and transformation, ClearCorrect is focused on developing patient-centric solutions that redefine orthodontic treatment. Meanwhile, Osseo Group will continue to play a crucial role as the analog to digital scanning site for PVS impressions, ensuring ongoing support for clinicians in their digital transformation journey.

The journey of ClearCorrect in the Australasian market is a story of innovation, partnership, and transformation. As we look forward to the exciting prospects under the Straumann Group, we remain committed to advancing orthodontic care and enhancing patient experiences.




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