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Clear aligner technology & technique with EODO

The month of May had just started, and I was delighted to attend one of the EODO classes with Dr. Derek Mahony. This awe-inspiring class was exciting to be a part of.

With Dr Derek and his associate Dr. Isabel Drewling conducting this class, they had all students and reps wrapped with their knowledge and expertise.

As I look after NSW Customers, and this course was located here in Sydney, in Alexandria, I attended the Saturday class to present and introduce Osseo Group and our products, including our Shining 3D intraoral scanner and ClearCorrect.

The students were made up of Dentists all over Australia who wished to brush up on their clear aligner technology and technique. As Osseo Group is the Australian and New Zealand service provider of ClearCorrect aligners.

As one of the first doctors to use, and the original speaker of ClearCorrect in Australia and New Zealand, Derek took the time to introduce and encourage ClearCorrect as a clear aligner therapy for their patients.

Attendees who tried using our Shining 3D intraoral scanner were blown away by its speed and doctor-friendly user experience. The inbuilt ortho-simulation option gives the doctor additional tools to close the treatment proposal on the spot.

"Our Shining 3D intraoral scanner was the stand out product of the day."

Derek is a remarkable presenter and host. The way he interacted with the class with his intellect, as well as his humour, made the atmosphere unlike anything. During lunch breaks, Dr. Mahony provided gourmet lunch and an open bar that Derek himself was tending.

I greatly appreciate Derek introducing me to the class, explaining Osseo Group, and encouraging the attendees to chat with me about Osseo Group products.

I was very proud to take part in the EODO class, and the team at Osseo Group loves and appreciates attending events; this was a great way to start May!

To learn more about ClearCorrect click HERE, click HERE to learn more about our Shining 3D Intraoral scanner or click HERE to book an in-clinic appointment and demo any of our products available at



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