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Unveiling the Future of Dental Imaging with Osseo Group and MEYER CBCT Scanners

Osseo Group is thrilled to team up with MEYER, China's top manufacturer of dental CBCT scanners, to offer Australian dentists the next generation of dental imaging technology. Our partnership involves distributing, installing, and servicing the groundbreakingly affordable and doctor-friendly 3D Pro CBCT scanner. This scanner is a marvel of technology that provides the widest field of view at an unbeatable cost.

Meyer CBCT from Osseo Group

Transforming Dental Diagnostics with the 3D Pro CBCT Scanner

The 3D Pro CBCT scanner marks a significant step forward in dental imaging, enabling the collection of detailed oral data in a single scan. This state-of-the-art equipment produces high-resolution images vital for accurate clinical diagnosis in a range of dental fields, including fillings, root canal treatments, oral surgery, implants, and orthodontics.

Enhanced Image Quality Through Advanced Technology

Meyer's cutting-edge algorithms and top-tier hardware generate unmatched image quality, making clinical diagnoses more accurate. The 3D Pro uses innovative hybrid pulsed X-ray source technology to minimise radiation doses without sacrificing the clarity of high-definition images. Its ability to adjust X-ray doses for different ages and body types underscores their commitment to patient safety.

State-of-the-Art Image Reconstruction and Diagnostic Tools

The 3D Pro CBCT scanner revolutionises imaging with its superior image reconstruction technology, boosting processing power and dramatically cutting down the time needed for reconstructing large image sets. Its robust diagnostic software, Meyer's MyDent Viewer 3D, is designed with a modular approach and includes essential functions for a modern dental clinic, like implant planning and 3D orthodontic assessment.

Versatile Imaging Options for Every Dental Practice

The 3D Pro caters to a wide range of dental needs with its comprehensive imaging functions:

  • CBCT Function: Offers detailed 3D views of the facial bones.

  • PANO Function: Enhances tomographic views for reliable diagnosis of jaw areas.

  • CEPH Function: Delivers clear cephalometric images with minimal radiation.

  • PARTIAL CT Mode: Provides detailed images with reduced radiation exposure.

  • MODEL SCANNING Function: Digitises plaster casts or PVS impressions allowing you to send them to your lab.

  • Pro3D 120x100mm Wise CBCT: $67,750.00

  • Add W/LatCeph: $10,000

  • Pro3D 150x105mm Honour CBCT: $72,750.00

  • Add LatCeph: $10,000

  • Pro3D 170x110mm Dream CBCT: $82,750.00

  • Add LatCeph: $10,000

*All prices exclude GST, shipping and installation

Features for Improved Clinical Practice

Beyond imaging, the 3D Pro enhances clinical practice with its user-friendly touchscreen, stable three-point patient positioning, and an optional quick-to-use lateral ceph sensor. Available in three FOV sizes and equipped with a powerful PC, the 3D Pro promises to revolutionise dental clinics with fast, accurate scanning and instant 3D image reconstruction.

Our partnership with MEYER is a big leap forward in dental imaging in Australia. The MEYER 3D Pro CBCT scanner, notable for its superb imaging quality, easy handling, and cost-effectiveness, is set to become an essential asset for dental professionals. By choosing the MEYER 3D Pro, dentists are equipped with cutting-edge technology to offer top care to their patients. Click HERE to get in touch with your Account Rep and book an in-clinic software demo or arrange a time to visit one of our existing MEYER CBCT customers.




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