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New Zealand. No worries! Osseo's got you covered!

Osseo Group is excited to announce our first full-time New Zealand Account Rep - David Hernandez.

Located in Auckland, David will be responsible for all New Zealand accounts and products. Whether you've got a ClearCorrect question or would like to hear more about one of our great products – David is your go-to guy for everything Osseo Group.

Meet David

An experienced Dental Assistant, David completed his degree in General Science at the University of North Georgia, and over the years has gained valuable experience in medical reception, hospitality, and dental assisting roles.

Having moved permanently to New Zealand, David has brought his southern charm to Auckland and the greater New Zealand area and seasoned it with just enough Yankee know-how to get the job done right.

David brings the dedication and care your practice deserves. That is why he has consistently earned his profession's highest awards, qualifications and references to show not only what he has done for himself but what he can do for your practice.

When you have have a question, David is here to help!

Want to get in touch? You can call David at 021 883 176, or reach him by email at



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