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Osseo Group's comprehensive range of scanners, printers, milling machines, and post-processing equipment.

We're excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Osseo Group and Aidite, the creators of exceptionally affordable and user-friendly chair side and lab milling equipment. This collaboration is set to revolutionise the dental industry by making cutting-edge dental technology accessible to even the smallest labs and clinics.

Aidite, established on March 15th, 2007, has become a leading name in the dental field, offering a comprehensive range of solutions that include the development, manufacture, and service of dental materials and equipment. With a strong commitment to innovation, Aidite boasts over 60 patents and a global footprint extending to more than 130 countries and regions. Their dedicated efforts have ensured that more than 90 million patients worldwide have benefitted from top-tier dental restoration solutions, supported by Aidite’s extensive network of over 10,000 dental labs, clinics, and hospitals.

Aidite milling machine range from Osseo Group

In this partnership, Osseo Group will take the lead on sales, support, in-field servicing, repairs, and the sale of consumables, ensuring that customer receives the comprehensive assistance they deserve.

Building on our long-standing partnership with Shining 3D, we bring extensive expertise in manufacturing and production from the ground up. Our team is equipped to answer all your questions, providing tailored manufacturing solutions, consumables, and local service and repair options essential for fully supporting our customers.

Scan, design and manufacture workflow

In collaboration with Shining 3D, Exocad, Millbox, and Aidite, Osseo Group supplies the complete workflow solution—from intraoral or lab scanning to the final post-processing of restorations, including all necessary consumables. As your one-stop manufacturing and support supplier, we simplify your production process and ensure you have everything you need.

Osseo Group's scan, design, and manufacture workflow.

Explore Our Extensive Range

At Osseo Group, we offer a comprehensive array of scanners, printers, milling machines, and post-processing equipment designed to produce high-quality and durable laboratory and chairside restorations. Discover the right tools to elevate your dental practice:

Scanners for Every Need

  • Intraoral Scanners:

  • Aoralscan L

  • Aoralscan 3

  • Aoralscan 3 Wireless

  • Extraoral Face Scanners:

  • Metismile

  • Laboratory Scanners:

  • Autoscan-DS-EX(c)

  • Autoscan-DS-EX(H)

  • Autoscan-DS-MIX

Advanced Software Solutions

  • CAD Software:

  • Exocad Chairside

  • Exocad Laboratory

  • CAM Software:

  • Accuware

  • Chitubox Dental

  • Millbox

State-of-the-Art Printers

  • AccuFab Series (MSLA):

  • AccuFab-L4k

  • AccuFab-L4D

  • AccuFab-CEL

  • CPD-100 (DLP)

Precision Milling Stations

  • Dry Process:

  • CMD-500

  • AMD-500e

  • AMD-500s

  • AMD-500DCS (Dry process disk changer)

  • Wet/Dry Process:

  • AMM-520 (Wet/Dry process)

  • Wet Process:

  • AMW-500

  • AMW-400

Efficient Post Processing

  • FabWash (Cut and wash station for AccuFab printers)

  • FabCure (Post printing curing unit)

  • CFP-200 (Sintering furnace)

  • CSF-200L (Porcelain furnace)

Enhance Your Dental Operations

Are you looking to improve the capabilities of your dental clinic or lab? Discover our extensive range of cutting-edge dental solutions tailored for efficiency, reliability, and affordability. Whether you're updating existing equipment or outfitting a new facility, our team is dedicated to providing expert assistance throughout your decision-making process.

Explore our full lineup of dental products, including exclusive offers and the latest innovations in dental technology. From essential consumables to advanced dental systems, find everything you need with ease by clicking HERE.

Alternatively, click HERE to book an in-clinic or lab demonstration and see our solutions in action.




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