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Setting up a Shining 3D account

When you send your scans directly to your lab or, if you're a lab wanting to receive scans directly, you'll need to set up a free Shining 3D account.

Setting up your account is easy and takes around three minutes.

Step 1

Open a browser and go to or click HERE.

Like all websites, it works best on Chrome for PC or Safari or Chrome for Mac. You can use other browsers but we can't promise you'll have a trouble-free experience.

Step 2

Click Sign up and decide on the type of account to be created.

Are you a laboratory or a personal doctor? Ignore the Hospital / Clinic option at this stage.

  • If you're a laboratory, select I'm a lab and complete the form.

  • If you're a dentist or prosthetist, select I'm a personal doctor and complete the form.

Step 3

  • If you're a dentist or prosthetist, log in on your scanner

  • If you're a lab, you can bookmark and you'll receive an email when a customer want's to connect with your lab.

Now, if you're a Hospital / Clinic (practice), there is one more option for you.

Each doctor has their own account and will submit cases via that account, the practice will also have its own account which will show all doctors and their work under their own accounts.

Select I'm a hospital / clinic and complete the form.

You'll then be able to send invites to personal doctors to be under your clinic.

They'll still log in to the scanner using their own accounts but you'll be able to see their cases.

Want to learn more? Why not book an in-office demo with your Account Rep HERE


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