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Marking margins

We found that some dentists and technicians spend way more time than they need to disputing margin lines. Is the margin line so important and why is it so difficult to identify? Is there a better way to draw the margin line?

An incorrect margin line can lead to failure of design and patient upset. If the margin is ambiguous, dentists can take ownership of the issue by making the margin on the scanner software.

We released the Pre-Design function for dentists to draw margin line and check occlusion. The margin line could be saved with the teeth data and automatically marked on the teeth when the data was imported into design software, which could save lots of time for both dentists and lab technicians.

Dentists can also check the undercut in each step. For example, the undercut can be checked after the upper jaw scanning, and the prep can be adjusted and re-scanned for patients if needed, which is much more convenient for both dentists and patients. This can help dentists find the problems quickly after scanning before patients have left the clinic.

Exceptional, smart and elegant, Aoralscan 3 improves the overall clinical experience.

Aoralscan allows users to acquire vivid digital impressions in a faster, accurate, and more doctor-friendly way.

Aoralscan IOS has one of the largest scan fields on the market and is suitable for various clinical scenarios including acquiring scan bodies, crown preps, and ortho and periodontal scans.

Slimmer and 15% longer autoclavable scanner tips offer you greater access and patients a more comfortable clinical experience.

Sprint to finish

Unprecedented scan speed, combining Ai and intuative software to provide you with faster appointment times and a more comfortable patient experience.

Quadrant in 25 seconds

  • Full arch in 1 minute

  • Full ortho case 3 minutes

All inclusive

When you buy the Aoralscan IOS from Osseo Group, you'll receive the scanner, PC and trolley for just $22,000 plus GST.

There are no ongoing software costs associated with the scanner like license fees or upgrade fees.

Book an in-office demo

Let's set aside a time to meet in your office and demonstrate how to use the Aoralscan IOS. ​ We'll need around 30 minutes of your time and one of your nurses to scan for you to truly see how doctor-friendly the Aoralscan IOS is.

Check out the full specs, get a quote, and book an in-office demo HERE.



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