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Spark imagination with MySmileSim

Osseo Group is proud to announce our newest technology partner MySmileSim. MySmileSim is Australia's first home-grown, patient-focused smile simulation App developed by a team with over 50 years experience in dentistry and medical devices.

About MySmileSim

For less than a cup of coffee a day, MySmileSim is a revolutionary app based marketing magnet for dental practices that opens up productive conversations with new and existing patients producing more high-end cosmetic dental cases.

  • Amazing Return on Investment

  • No installaton or set-up fees

  • Minimal time-commitment required

With MySmileSim, you get a free, practice-branded App that you can offer to patients which helps them take a 'selfie' and shows them how they could look once their smile concerns have been addressed. You can apply your years of cosmetic experience to produce these simulations yourself or send them off and have our trained technicians do them for you, the choice is always yours!

Book a demo in your practice or Register today!

With MySmileSim, you now have a unique and exciting opportunity to grow your:

  • Revenue

  • Patient base

  • Dollar-spend per patient

  • Appointment book

  • Social Media presence (without paying)

  • Word-of-mouth and referrals

MySmileSim also helps you to:

  • Re-activate patients who may be curious to try the App

  • Start the conversation with existing patients who may be shy to discuss concerns

  • Show potential patients what a difference good teeth can make to their own face

  • Patients will have fun and tell friends & family which could mean word of mouth referrals

  • reduce patient boredom in the waiting room as patients can scan the QR code to try the App while they wait.

Hear what others said about their MySmileSim experience.

Dr. Jonathan Resnick (General practitioner)

"The result on receiving the simulated photo 5 min later was an instantaneous booking for the first appointment"

Dr. Derek Mahony (Specialist Orthodontist)

"It is pleasing to us that 4 out of the 5 patients have booked in for treatment so far."

Sean & Lara Slotar (Practice owners)

"I was simply amazed. The patient was more amazed.

He was so impressed that we offered this service."

Want to learn more? You can call the inventors of MySmileSim, Les Schneider and Jon Kur at 0423 88 9774 or by email at

Register today HERE



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