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HELP! My laser needs calibrating.

In most states, you'll need your laser calibrated annually to ensure the set values and output values of your laser is within an acceptable margin of error. Your laser will also need to be tested for compliance and general electrical safety.

At Osseo Group, we offer a full calibration and repair service for all CAO Group, AMD Picasso, and Woodpecker lasers.

Booking a laser calibration is easy!

  1. Click HERE to book the calibration service.

  2. Once the service is booked, pack up your laser and remember to include:

    1. Accessories

    2. Foot pedal

    3. Interlocks and keys

    4. Fibre cable and handpiece

    5. Power pack and all cables

  3. We'll give you a call to arrange the pick-up of your laser and get the dimensions of the box you'll be sending. When packing, use a lot of bubble wrap and remove all cables, keys and interlocks from the unit.

What do you check for during calibration?

We'll check your laser for general electrical safety and then perform two sections of tests relating to laser safety and compliance.

Section 1 - Binary tests

Binary tests are pass or fail.

  • Protective housing - are the external surfaces of the laser unit intact and free from damage that exposes the internal workings?

  • Access Panels - Are any parts that expose internal workings secured?

  • Overrides - If you remove a panel, will the laser turn off? Most of the time, panels are screwed on and this field will be marked as N/A.

  • Labels for panels - Are any parts that expose the internal workings clearly labelled?

  • Key control - does the key work and is free from damage?

  • Remote interlock - Is there a device that prevents the remote foot pedal from working when not connected.

  • Radiation warning device - does the laser have an audio and visual indication the laser is active.

  • Aperture indication - a sticker that shows where the laser energy will come out.

  • Aperture warning label - a sticker warning what type of laser energy will come out of the aperture.

  • Viewing optics - most dental lasers don't have this so N/A will be noted.

  • Radiation warning labels - a sticker stating what type of laser, classification, wavelength and peak output warnings.

  • Explanatory labels - sticker indicating the use of the laser and to read the manual before use etc.

  • Emergency stop - is there an emergency stop button and does it function?

Section 2 - Quantitative tests

Quantitive tests indicate the value of the set point and recorded value. For a pass, the recorded value will need to be within 20% of the set value.

  • Laser output wavelength(s) - the wavelength of the aiming beam and active beam or beams if multi-wavelength.

  • Laser output curve - what is the difference between the set value and recorded value of your laser at 5 different power settings (per wavelength).

  • Laser output pulse - what is the difference between the set value and recorded value of your laser in 5 different pulse settings (per wavelength).

What happens if my laser fails calibration?

During the calibration, your laser may not meet the essential principles or requirements stated above. In this case, you have 3 options.

  1. Do nothing and have the laser returned to you uncalibrated. We'll place a sticker over the controls stating the laser has failed calibration.

  2. Repair, then reattempt calibration, we'll send an invoice for the cost of repairs. Once it's paid, we'll complete the repairs, calibrate your laser, and send it back to you.

  3. Get a repair quote and decide the cost isn't worth it, in that case, we'll happily offer you the already paid calibration fee, plus a further $500 discount off a new laser from Osseo Group when you use your broken laser as a trade-in.

The pre-paid calibration fee is non-refundable in the event your laser fails calibration and you choose not to repair or trade-in your broken laser.

Want to check out a new laser from Osseo Group in-clinic and up-close? Get in touch with your account rep HERE or book an in-clinic demo HERE.


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