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Determining case complexity & treatment options.

ClearCorrect has introduced a range of new pricing and treatment options to suit all types of cases and complexity. From simple relapsed orthodontic patients to difficult extraction and deep bite corrections, ClearCorrect has you covered!

When selecting a treatment option, it is important to recognise the complexity of the case. Not only is this going to help in the long run with cost evaluation, but also whether a patient is a suitable candidate for ClearCorrect.

Choosing a treatment option includes considering all the information given to you from the Treatment Setup- the length of the case, complexity of the movements involved and additional steps such as IPR and Engagers involved.

"As simple as you want, as complex as you need"

FLEX ($199 + $59 per appliance)

Flex is perfect for cases that require minimal steps, are single arch treatment or recent relapsed cases. Such treatment examples are slight rotations, minor crowding or spacing and minor intrusions and extrusions.

It is important to remember when choosing FLEX that revisions and retainers are not included, therefore only very basic and predictable movements are appropriate and prior experience and demonstration of skill is a must.

MINI ($1299 flat rate)

Choosing the MINI option is advised for very mild cases, such as when treating a small number of orthodontic conditions. You should choose MINI when you are expecting the case to be completed in a small number of aligners. Examples of treatable conditions are minor arch expansions, midline discrepancy or minor crown tipping.

It is also perfect for treating the “Social 6” aesthetic zone, when the patient expectations are realistically established.

MINI includes up to 12 sets of aligners, 1 revisions and 1 set of retainers.

ONE ($1899 flat rate)

Consider choosing ONE when treating a moderate number of orthodontic conditions. This option is just right for mild cases, which allows for a revision. Examples of treatment would be moderate rotations, improving an overjet or reclining proclined teeth.

ONE is best suited for predictable cases, and cases where the patient will be compliant.

It includes up to 24 sets of aligners, 1 revision and 1 set of retainers.

TWO ($2099 flat rate)

The TWO option is perfect for cases that are moderate and treating a multiple of number of conditions, however, are still relatively predictable. It includes treatment for Grade 2-3 cases, including moderate to severe crowding, correcting crossbite and large space closures.

TWO is appropriate for cases that you expect will finish within 2 years, and include up to 48 sets of aligners, 2 revisions and 2 sets of retainers.

THREE ($2399 flat rate)

When you have a case that is correcting a moderate to large number of orthodontic conditions, consider choosing THREE. It is a suitable option for a case that you expect will not exceed 3 years, such as severe crowding or spacing, anterior and molar rotations or correcting class II and class III malocclusions.

As always, you need set patient expectations and assess the likelihood of revisions involved.

THREE includes up to 72 sets of aligners, 3 revisions and 3 sets of retainers.

UNLIMITED ($2599 flat rate)

UNLIMITED is suitable for cases where a multiple number of conditions are being treated, or the case is considered difficult. This is also the perfect choice for cases you expect will need several revisions, you are concerned about patient compliance, or you are new to using ClearCorrect and would like the reassurance of having everything you need included for 5 years of treatment.

Conditions such as correcting a skeletal condition, cases that require auxiliaries or difficult extraction cases are best suited for UNLIMITED.

This option includes as many aligners as required, as many revisions as required, and up to 2 sets of retainers included every 6 months (extra sets are charged at $59 per arch) for the period of 5 years.

Remember, these are guidelines only and as the treating clinician you are responsible for determining the best pricing option based on the case complexity and your own patient assessment.

Not all patients are suitable candidates for clear aligner treatment, and once a case has been approved, the case type cannot be changed.

If you have any questions about your case, check our help centre, or give your rep a call – you can find their numbers HERE.

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