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Diagnostic excellence with Meyer CBCT: Dr Lena Qiu’s experience at Meili Dental

Updated: May 9

Dr. Lena Qiu (General Dentist) is the principal of Meili Dental Care in Hurstville NSW.

Over my 14 years blending roles as an oral health therapist and dentist, I’ve always looked for ways to improve our practice. Bringing in the Meyer CBCT from Osseo Group was a big step forward for us, showing our commitment to getting better and bringing in top-notch technology. I’m keen to share the good it’s done for us and our patients.

We’ve aimed to mix high-tech dental care with the feel of a boutique clinic, making visits as warm and welcoming as seeing close friends. This led us to choose the Meyer CBCT, thanks to the trust we’ve built over the years with Osseo Group and especially with Cat Trinidad, their account manager. Our past work together, like on clear aligners and intraoral scanners, meant I trusted her recommendation completely and knowing I would have the in-person technical support.

From purchase and installation, to using the machine, everything has gone smoothly, really showing off the Meyer CBCT’s dependability and quality. It fits our needs perfectly, especially for looking at wisdom teeth, helping with root canal work and planning for implants. The images are so clear and free from metallic artefacts–they make our diagnoses and treatment plans much better.

Adding the Meyer CBCT to our practice has made a huge difference. It’s made our workflow smoother and our treatment planning for implants, wisdom teeth and root canals more accurate. This hasn’t just improved things for our team; our patients are happier and getting better results, as we can perform our imaging in-house instead of sending patients elsewhere, delaying their treatment, increasing their costs and time away from work and commitments.

What’s great about the Meyer CBCT is how doctor-friendly it is to use, making it a breeze to add to our practice. The support from Osseo Group and Meyer has been excellent, giving us the help, training never on our own trying to get the most out of this technology.

Looking back, I’m really pleased with our decision. The Meyer CBCT has gone beyond our expectations, showing the value of our investment and its key role in raising the standard of care we offer.

Adopting in-house imaging technology like the Meyer CBCT has been a game changer, letting us offer more precise, efficient and patient-focused services without the need to refer them away for diagnostics and increasing our treatment plan acceptance.

Dr. Lena Qiu (General Dentist) is the principal of Meili Dental Care in Hurstville NSW.

Originally printed in the March/April 2024 edition of the Australasian Dental Practice.

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