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PLAYBACK: Transforming Dentistry with Face Scanners and Digital Smile Design

Updated: 1 day ago

Presenter: Dr. Odette Lee

The Role of Face Scanners in Modern Dentistry

Applications and Benefits of Face Scanning

  • Discover the various applications of face scanning technology in dentistry.

  • Learn how face scanners, such as the Shining 3D MetiSmile, enhance treatment planning and patient communication.

  • Understand the benefits of customised treatment plans and improved efficiency through digital scanning.

Integration with Intraoral Scans

  • Gain insights into how face scanners work and their integration with intraoral scans.

  • Explore the seamless combination of facial and oral data to create comprehensive digital representations for accurate treatment planning.

Digital Smile Design and Smile Makeovers

Predictable Outcomes with Digital Dentistry

  • Explore how digital dentistry tools enable more predictable and aesthetically pleasing treatment outcomes.

  • Understand the role of precision and accuracy in digital impressions and facial scans for perfect-fitting restorations and cosmetic enhancements.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

  • Learn about the advanced software used for planning complex cases, considering facial symmetry, dental structures, and aesthetic goals.

  • Discover how involving patients in the digital smile design process improves satisfaction and decision-making.

Case Studies and Practical Implementation

Real-World Examples

  • Dr. Lee will share case studies from her practice, demonstrating the successful implementation of face scanners and digital smile design.

  • See before-and-after results and hear about the challenges and solutions encountered during these cases.

Step-by-Step Guide to Digital Integration

  • Get a practical guide on how to integrate face scanning and digital smile design into your practice.

  • Learn about the necessary equipment, software, and workflows to get started.

This webinar offers a comprehensive look at the cutting-edge technologies transforming modern dentistry. Dr. Odette Lee's expertise and real-world experience will provide valuable insights and practical advice, helping you elevate your practice with face scanning and digital smile design.

Metismile face scanner from Osseo Group and Shining 3D

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