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Scan Design Print : Comprehensive Solutions from Shining 3D & Osseo Group

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We’re dedicated to transforming digital dentistry and dental technology with the latest innovations from Shining 3D. Our comprehensive range of scanning, designing, and 3D printing solutions ensure precision, efficiency, and affordability for dental professionals. In this article, we’ll explore our complete range of scanners, design software, prefactory printing software, advanced 3D printers, post-processing units, and specialised materials that cater to a broad range of applications––buckle up, it's a long article.


  1. Intraoral Scanning with Aoralscan: Provides fast, accurate, and user-friendly digital impressions, enhancing the digital workflow.

  2. Face Scanning with MetiSmile: Captures detailed facial data for precise treatment planning and improved clinical outcomes.


  1. Exocad Dental Design Software: Utilises the captured data to facilitate the creation of customised dental restorations with an intuitive interface and robust features.


  1. AccuWare Slicer Software: Prepares designed files for printing by converting 3D models into thin, sequential layers.

  2. AccuFab 3D Printers: High-performance printers known for their speed, accuracy, and versatility, capable of producing high-quality dental models.

  3. Post-Processing with FabWash and FabCure 2: Automates the cleaning, drying, and curing processes to ensure high-quality, reliable results.

This end-to-end solution from Shining 3D ensures precision, efficiency, and consistency in digital dentistry.

Shining 3D clinical range of intraoral scanners and 3D printers from Osseo Group & Shining 3D

Intraoral scanning with Aoralscan

With speed, accuracy, user-friendlyness and affordability in mind, Shining 3D has developed the Aoralscan range of intraoral scanners. Available in three versions, Aoralscan L, Aoralscan 3, Aoralscan 3 wireless, the Aoralscan intraoral scanner is designed to improve your digital workflow with its innovative features.

This scanner offers a brand new design that prioritises ergonomics and usability, with a lightweight structure of around 240 grams, making it comfortable for prolonged use. It boasts fast scanning speeds, capable of scanning a single arch in 25 seconds and a full arch in just one minute, which is 30% faster than its predecessors. The Aoralscan 3 also ensures high accuracy, with an optimised algorithm delivering 30% more accurate results, perfect for complex implant cases, scan bodies and periodontal scans.

Aoralscan L intraoral scanner from Osseo Group and Shining 3D

The Aoralscan 3 incorporates powerful AI processes that automatically identify and filter out unnecessary soft tissue data, speeding up the scan process and enhancing data cleanliness. The device's deep scan depth of up to 22 mm and a field of view of 16×12 mm (standard tip) enable it to capture detailed and accurate digital impressions. It includes motion sensing technology, allowing for minimal contact with the computer, enhancing safety and efficiency during the scanning process. The scanner tips are autoclavable up to 100 times and come in two sizes to accommodate both adult and paediatric patients.

Aoralscan 3 features a comprehensive clinical toolkit that assists dentists in evaluating and pre-designing scanned data, facilitating effective communication with dental labs. This toolkit includes functions like undercut check, bite check, margin line auto extraction, and more. The integrated cloud platform ensures seamless data transmission, making it convenient for clinics and labs to collaborate. The scanner supports various applications such as general restorations, implants, orthodontics, and same-day chairside restorations, providing a state-of-the-art user experience for both clinicians and patients​

*Aoralscan L only includes the ability to scan and send / export cases and use ColsulOS orthodontic simulator.

Face scanning with MetiSmile

The MetiSmile 3D face scanner by Shining 3D is designed exclusively for dentistry, enabling the capture of detailed facial information to create 3D models that assist in clinical diagnosis and treatment planning. The scanner operates at exceptional speed, capturing facial data in just 10 seconds with its sensitive depth camera, which can take photos from multiple angles simultaneously. This rapid data acquisition is complemented by a high-definition texture camera that accurately records realistic facial colours, ensuring detailed and lifelike 3D models.

Metismile face scanner from Osseo Group & Shining 3D

One of the standout features of MetiSmile is its high accuracy, achieved through three 1.3MP depth cameras and a 5.0MP texture camera, providing scan accuracy within 50μm. This high level of detail is particularly beneficial for capturing intricate features of the teeth and face. The scanner also offers advanced functionality through its face analysis module, which can automatically identify 65 key facial feature points for precise measurements and comparisons. This module supports various measurement templates, including those for orthodontic, facial, and golden ratio assessments, facilitating comprehensive facial evaluations.

MetiSmile enhances orthodontic simulations by integrating facial scan data with intraoral and DICOM data, allowing for the creation of virtual patients. This integration helps in visualising pre- and post-treatment changes, improving communication between dentists and patients. Additionally, the software enables mandibular trajectory tracking, providing dynamic occlusion data for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. The doctor and technician-friendly software further supports facial feature measurements and comparisons, aiding in the evaluation of treatment outcomes.


Exocad is the leading dental CAD software for dental labs and practices looking to design and manufacture high-quality restorations with maximum efficiency. With advanced features such as intelligent virtual articulation and accurate implant placement, exocad delivers outstanding results with maximum precision. This software enables the design of a variety of dental restorations, including crowns, bridges, veneers, and inlays, among others, and supports a wide range of materials. With its user-friendly interface and compatibility with other dental software, exocad is a must-have for any modern dental practice.

Exocad design software

Exocad offers advanced features such as precise margin detection, flexible design options, and seamless integration with various dental scanners and 3D printers. With its efficient workflow and cloud-based collaboration capabilities, Exocad enhances productivity and ensures high-quality outcomes, making it an essential asset for modern dental practices aiming to deliver precise and customised dental restorations.

Read more about the prices and modules available HERE. All prices are for perpetual licensing.

AccuWare slicer for AccuFab printers

AccuWare slicer software is specifically designed for AccuFab 3D printers, streamlining the printing process with advanced slicing algorithms and user-friendly features. Slicing is the process of converting a 3D model into thin, sequential layers that the printer can build one at a time.

Fabware software

AccuWare enables precise control over print settings, ensuring optimal performance and high-quality results for dental applications. It supports intelligent support creation, minimising material use while maintaining structural integrity. The software's intuitive interface allows for easy setup and monitoring of print jobs, and its compatibility with a wide range of dental resins enhances its versatility. With cloud connectivity, users can access updates and manage their workflow remotely, making AccuWare an essential tool for efficient and reliable 3D printing in dental practices.

AccuWare is free and included with all Shining 3D AccuFab printers.

High-Performance 3D Printers

Shining 3D offers a range of advanced 3D printers designed to meet the diverse needs of dental professionals. Here’s a quick overview of our top models:

AccuFab-1Ds 3D resin printer from Osseo Group and Shining 3D

AccuFab-D1s (DLP)

The AccuFab-D1s is a standout dental 3D printer known for its speed, accuracy, and versatility. With a large build volume of 144 x 81 x 160 mm and a print speed of up to 90 mm/h, it can print four arch models in just 16 minutes. Its patented distortion correction algorithm and full HD 1080p projector ensure ultra-high accuracy. The AccuFab-D1s supports various dental applications, including working models, surgical guides, and custom trays. It is integrated with advanced software for intelligent support creation and features a long-lasting resin tank for cost-effective operation.

AccuFab-L4K 3D resin printer from Osseo Group and Shining 3D

AccuFab-L4K (MSLA)

The AccuFab-L4K is a reliable dental 3D printer that offers a print size of 192x120 mm with 4K resolution. It features a small resin tank with a capacity of 200-350 ml, an easy to level aluminium build plate for precision and durability, and supports multiple materials for a diverse range of dental applications. The printer includes advanced software for easy operation, intelligent support creation, and cloud connectivity for remote monitoring.

AccuFab-L4D 3D resin printer from Osseo Group and Shining 3D

AccuFab-L4D (MSLA)

The AccuFab-L4D is a reliable dental 3D printer that offers variable print sizes (70x70 mm and 192x120 mm) with 4K resolution. It features a small resin tank with a capacity of 200-350 ml, a ceramic platform for precision and durability, and supports multiple materials for diverse dental applications. The printer includes advanced software for easy operation, intelligent support creation, and cloud connectivity for remote monitoring. It boasts high accuracy, robust performance, and a district cooling system for prolonged use.

AccuFab-CEL 3D resin printer from Osseo Group & Shining 3D

AccuFab-CEL (MSLA)

The AccuFab-CEL is a high-speed dental 3D printer with a variable print size of 70x70 mm and 192x120 mm and 4K resolution. It offers rapid printing for various dental applications, an open material system compatible with multiple resins, and advanced software for ease of use. It includes a ceramic platform for durability, real-time cabin environment detection and heating, and an enhanced Z-axis for quieter operation. The built-in AI mode, CPL “Collimated Programmable Lithography” technology, and guided levelling ensure high accuracy and efficiency.

If you'd like to learn more about the AccuFab range of printers, reach out to our account reps HERE and we'll book a time to come and visit.

E-PLUS 3D Direct to Metal 3D printer from Osseo Group

Direct to Metal (SLM/SLS)

Our DMP Powder metal bed technology is perfect for fast dental application cycles, including the production of RPDs, crowns, bridges, and implant bars. This technology eliminates intermediate stages, allowing for direct-to-metal production, enhancing speed and efficiency.

If you'd like to learn more about the E-PLUS 3D DTM range of printers, you can schedule an appointment with our production specialist HERE.

405nm Printer resins

Shining 3D manufactures a wide range of 405nm resins for use in AccuFab range of printers along with all 405nm open resin printers including Asiga, SprintRay, FormLabs, Phrozen, Sega, and Ackuretta.

Resin for models

  • DM12 Implant Model (General model resin): Low viscosity and high stability, ideal for printing separated models for crown and bridge applications. It offers improved precision with lower elasticity and higher flexural modulus.

  • DM03 Implant Model (Grey): High toughness and pressure resistance, perfect for implant models and separated models for crown and bridge applications. It maintains accuracy for up to 15 days.

  • OD02 Ortho Model: High heat resistance and hardness, suitable for aligner and orthodontic model applications.

  • GM11 Gingiva Mask: Flexible and gingiva-coloured, ideal for replicating gingiva contours in digital implant cases.

TN Crown resin from Shining 3D

Resin for appliances

  • DC12 Crown, Bridge, Partial Framework: Low deformation and clean burnout outcome, designed for investment casting in dental applications.

  • SG01 Surgical Guide: Biocompatible and transparent, certified for printing dental surgical guides.

  • TR01 Custom Tray: High elastic modulus and biocompatibility, excellent for printing custom trays.

  • TN11 Temporary Crown and Bridge: Multi-colour options, high toughness, pressure resistance, and flexural strength, perfect for temporary crowns and bridges.

  • DT01 Denture Base Resin: Good dimensional stability, designed for preliminary stages of manufacturing dental prostheses.

  • SS01 Splint Soft: Comfortable, stable, and semi-rigid, ideal for splints, orthotics, and mouthguards.

Place an order 24/7 via our online store and we'll ship it out next businesss day. Visit our store HERE.

Post-Processing Units

Shining 3D’s post-processing units, FabWash and FabCure 2, provide a complete solution for dental 3D printing. The FabWash automates part release, washing, and drying, featuring pre-programmed settings, a build platform adapter, Wi-Fi connectivity, and safety sensors. The FabCure 2 ensures high precision with multi-surface UV light curing and rapid heating. It offers customisable parameters and supports various Shining 3D resins. Together, these units streamline the workflow, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

FabWash post-processing cut was and dry unit from Osseo Group and Shining 3D


The FabWash is an automated post-processing unit designed for dental 3D printing. It features a multi-stage system for part release, washing, and drying. Pre-programmed for different materials, it offers an automatic workflow, part-release, and predefined wash/dry functions. It includes a build platform adapter, Wi-Fi connectivity, user-friendly controls, and various safety sensors. Compatible with AccuFab-D1s and AccuFab-L4D/L4K build platforms, it handles solvents like alcohol, IPA, and water.

FabCure 2 from Osseo Group and Shining 3D

FabCure 2

The FabCure 2 is a post-curing unit for dental 3D printing, featuring high-power multi-surface UV light curing and rapid chamber heating up to 60°C. It offers a large curing volume (Φ210mm x H180mm), customised curing parameters, and a smart material library with cloud updates. The device ensures high precision and optimal material performance with easy operation via an OLED screen and control knob. It supports various Shining 3D resins and automates the post-curing process.

If you'd like to learn more about our range of post-processing equipment, visit our post-production store category HERE.

Osseo Group and Shining 3D are dedicated to providing a complete range of solutions for scanning, designing, and 3D printing in the dental field. Our high-performance 3D printers, advanced post-processing units, and specialised materials ensure precision, efficiency, and affordability, making them the perfect choice.

Book an in-clinic/lab demo

If you'd like to learn more about our range of Shining 3D Scan-Design-Print book an in-clinic/lab demo HERE or contact your account rep directly HERE




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