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Powerful AI processing

Whether through same-day chairside restorations or clinic-dental lab integrated treatments, Osseo Group's new AORALSCAN 3 intraoral scanner from Shining 3D is designed to provide a state-of-the-art user experience. The 3rd generation version of the company’s AORALSCAN features a new design, fast scan speed, high accuracy, powerful AI processing, and intuitive communication.

Aoralscan 3 from Osseo Group

The Aoralscan 3 intraoral scanner can be applied for a clinical indications range that spans general restorations, implants and orthodontics. The lightweight scanner has one-button control, auto anti-fogging, a dynamic LED indicator, and is ergonomically designed for optimal hand-held operation.

The scan field of view is 58% greater than AORALSCAN 2, with a 16×12 mm FOV (Standard Tip), and up to 22 mm deep scan depth. The AORALSCAN 3 is suitable for various clinical scenarios including acquiring scan bodies and periodontal scans.

The device has 2 tip sizes, accommodates adults and children, is autoclavable up to 100 times, and is slimmer and the 15% longer autoclavable scanner tips offer patients a more comfortable clinical experience.

Aoralscan 3 tips from Osseo Group

Additionally, clinicians can scan with minimal contact with the computer, ensuring a safe and efficient scan experience—with Motion Sensing you get less contact, more safety. With AI Scan, users can speed up the scan. It automatically identifies and filters out unnecessary soft tissue data during scanning resulting in a quicker and cleaner scan process.

Thanks to optimized algorithms and its imaging mechanism, AORALSCAN 3 carries out 30% more accurate and precise results by meeting the clinical needs of different applications. The clinical toolkit assists dentists to evaluate and pre-design the scanned data in their own clinic.

It facilitates effective communication with dental labs to deliver quality dental work with high efficiency.

SHINING 3D’s cloud data platform enables data transmission, making it convenient for data transfer and communication between dental clinics and laboratories.

Aoralscan 3 Orthodontic simulator from Osseo Group

With Ortho Simulation, patients can preview images of their straightened-up results in real time, and the Oral Health Report includes information such as existing dental caries, missing teeth, dental calculus, pigment, etc. This function is designed to help patients have a better understanding of their oral health.

When you buy the Aoralscan IOS from Osseo Group, you'll receive the scanner, PC and trolley for just $22,000 plus GST.

There are no ongoing software costs associated with the scanner like license fees or upgrades.

We even offer 12 months interest-free finance with Credabl!

Want to learn more? Check out the full specs HERE or click HERE to book an in-clinic demo.


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