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See more with Semorr

Osseo Group has just been appointed a distributor of Semorr Surgical Microscopes in Australia and New Zealand.

Semorr has made quality and customer satisfaction a top priority. Focusing on developing and manufacturing surgical microscopes for dental applications.

Semorr believes that every dentist deserves at least one reliable and affordable microscope and patients could benefit greatly through microscopy assisted treatment. Semorr strives to introduce cutting edge technical solutions developed through the Six Sigma manufacturing and quality control process. 

The DOM3000 microscope opens up new dimensions in dental microscopy with its absolutely crystal clear and perfect depth of field.

The DOM3000 is a top of the line microscope at an entry level price.

  • 3.6-23x variable zoom with 200-400mm focus and +/-6 diopter

  • 4K Ultra HD (UHD) image recording system, based on Sony’s high-end image sensor

  • Support for displaying images and recording on 4K, 30fps resolutions

  • The maximum static image resolution is 12 million pixels, which is 6 times that of 1080p Full HD system

  • The control of the integrated camera can be made with the mobile phone/tablet app or wireless remote controller, including video recording and setting of individualized parameters

  • The system uses a high performance TF card for storage

  • The recorded system data can be downloaded wireless to the PC

Check out the full product listion on our online store!



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