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Service and Support Agreement for Aidite Milling Machines by Osseo Group

This agreement applies to all Aidite milling machines supplied by Osseo Group. It ensures that our customers receive comprehensive support, including training, warranty services, and maintenance guidelines to optimise the performance and longevity of their milling machines.


Upon installation, we provide a thorough 3-day onsite training session. It is mandatory for the customer to designate one attendee to complete the full training to receive a service and warranty certificate. The training covers:

  • Design of chair-side restorations (CAD)

  • Machine setup (CAM)

  • Machining processes

  • Care, maintenance, and replacement of consumable components such as filters, bellows, coolant, collets, etc.

Additional training can be purchased separately and will be conducted at our Sydney office.

Warranty Period and Scope

The warranty period for all machines is 12 months from the date of installation. Additionally, the spindle has an extended warranty of 24 months. The warranty covers manufacturer defects only. However, it does not cover:

  • Wear and tear due to machine overuse

  • Overuse of cutting tools

  • Using a lower model than recommended by our production specialist

  • Cutting tools and consumables

  • Incorrectly manufactured restorations due to:

  • Failure to adhere to underpinning principles

  • Incorrect use of software and hardware

  • Improper milling tool usage

  • Inadequate post-processing techniques

  • loss of licence key(s) / dongle(s)

Any of these conditions will void the warranty.

Non-warranty repair Fees

  • Ad-hoc Service: For non-warranty repairs, a callout fee of $199 plus $259 per hour or part thereof, in addition to the cost of parts, will be charged. All prices exclude GST.

  • Service Subscription: Unlimited service, support, and parts (excluding the spindle) for 12 months at $6000 per machine. Spindle parts will be charged separately as needed.

Service Mode

  1. Remote Services: Available 24/6 via telephone, communication software, or remote network connections through our Sydney or China offices.

  2. Physical Repair: If required, we will travel to your location to repair your machine.

To access our services, lodge a service ticket by clicking here or contact provider services at 1300 029 383.

We may request photos, videos, or TeamViewer login credentials to provide remote support. If physical service is necessary, a technician will be dispatched within 3 business days.

Machine Environment Requirements

The customer is responsible for the care and routine maintenance of the milling machine, which includes:

  • Providing dry, oil-free compressed air with a pressure range of 0.65-0.8 MPa and a flow greater than 100 L/min.

  • Maintaining a clean, dust-free working environment with a temperature range of 21-24°C and humidity less than 30%.

  • For water-cooled spindles, maintaining the coolant chiller and regularly draining and refilling with de-ionised water.

Swarf Removal

  • Dust extraction is mandatory for all wet/dry and dry milling centres.

  • Wet mills must use clean coolant and approved Aidite cutting lubricant.

Power Supply

  • A dedicated 10-amp power point per appliance is required. Power boards must not be used.


To ensure business continuity, the customer is responsible for having a backup machine. Customers wishing to purchase a secondary machine to share the workload, increase throughput, and ensure continuous operation will receive a discount on all subsequent or initial orders of multiple, identical machines.

Care and Maintenance

Routine maintenance and care are crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of Aidite milling machines. Regular inspections, timely replacement of consumables, and adherence to environmental and operational guidelines are essential. Following these practices will help prevent downtime and maintain the efficiency of your milling operations.



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