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Small, powerful, and high-tech.

The U600 is an advanced ultrasonic scaler with a gentle sine wave action to ensure a comfortable treatment. It is controlled with an ultra-sensitive smart-touch system that you can use with wet gloves. It features an automatic water supply system which allows you to use line water, tank water, or your choice of chlorohexidine, hydrogen peroxide, or sodium hypochlorite solutions.

"A gentle sine wave action to

ensure a comfortable treatment for every patient, every time."

The detachable handpiece is made of high-quality aluminium to ensure autoclave sterilisation without cracking and features an LED light for better visibility. The handpiece is sealed to avoid irritation to soft tissues, and its design and weight make it comfortable to hold for extended periods.

The portability of the U600 ultrasonic scaler with no plumbing required, gives it a unique and distinct advantage in the market, allowing greater treatment flexibility with any practice.

The U600 can assist in treating patients who are generally sensitive to ultrasonic treatments and allow you to provide external treatments, such as nursing homes visits or mobile dental services.

All this for under $1000. Want to know more? Click HERE.

Osseo Group also stocks the full range of tips for the U600, which are also EMS compatible! Check out the full range HERE.

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