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..The notes just say "implant placed"...

All too often we receive calls from customers looking for implant components with little more than an apical x-ray of the implant in situ as a guide.

The implant passport is released to the patient by the implantologist after surgery and contains useful information on the products used and constitutes a guarantee on the quality of the components.

The dental implant passport contains space for you to write:

  • the date of dental implant procedure,

  • the name (manufacturer) of the dental implants inserted,

  • the position of dental implants,

  • the dimensions of each dental implant,

  • a unique serial number of the dental implants to guarantee originality and quality,

  • and the stamp and signature of the dentist who performed the implant procedure.

The dental implant passport is valid worldwide and is a recognised medical document. The manufacturer’s dental implant warranty is for a lifetime if the patient adheres to oral hygiene instructions and performs regular semi-annual check-ups.

For every implant you buy from Osseo Group, we'll include one passport for you complete and pass on to your patient.

Check out our full range of Italian-made C-TECH implants HERE.



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