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The future is clear with Futudent!

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Osseo Group, as the exclusive distribution partner for Futudent 4K surgical cameras in Australia and New Zealand.

The partnership was formalised following outstanding and longstanding growth of the business in the ANZ market by the team at Osseo Group.

We are confident our partnership with Futudent will provider better access and service for our customers within the ANZ region and offer the full line of surgical cameras, image management software, and servicing with local stock warehousing for faster deliveries.

About Futudent ProCam 4K.

The proCam is the first miniature 4K dental camera. It features a 13 megapixel sensor that captures both 4K video and high resolution still photos from loupes or the chair light. The proCam’s powerful sensor allows deep, clear magnification. With proCam it’s easy to capture stable, super high quality video and images any time with no interruptions to the procedure.

Each Futudent camera package includes integrated Futudent recording software licences, complete installation kit with foot control and attachments for both overhead light or loupe mounting.

  • Films in stunning 4K detail

  • Captures high quality 13 MP still images

  • Amazes patients and colleagues with unrivalled clarity

  • Makes documentation easier, with better quality

  • Comes with the right custom mount for most loupes and lights

Futudent tools for video and photo-shooting offer clear benefits, safety, time savings and increased turnover in daily dentistry for general practitioners, hygienists, specialists and technicians. Sharing videos or images with another users is just as fast and easy as sending an email. You can share videos with a specific user (your patient, colleague, etc.), or with a group of people (your treatment team, students, etc.) with the case feature of the Futudent cloud service. The receiver may watch the videos with any device, anywhere and anytime (provided that they have an Internet connection).

Recording videos and taking still images during dental work is simple and easy. No video filming skills are required. The Futudent recording software is controlled with a foot pedal: you start and stop recording just by pressing the pedal for 2 seconds and with quick presses you take still images and create bookmarks for editing purposes. You can also add text to the videos and images.

About Futudent.

Futudent (Novocam Medical Innovations Oy) is the designer of the world's leading video communication tool for dentists.

Futudent is dedicated to improving the dental experience for doctors and patients alike. Futudent’s dental imaging solution fits seamlessly into everyday dental workflow in all practices.

Their aim is to change the game within dentistry and innovates new and powerful ways to help dentists communicate and document better than ever before. This, in turn, helps patients replace fear with understanding and informs better decision-making for their treatments.

Futudent is now present in over 30 countries on five continents and expanding rapidly in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America.

Today Futudent offers a complete range of products including the proCam – the only 4K miniature dental camera.

Combined with MyDentalBook cloud sharing service, Futudent is the only dental video solution system which gives end-to-end solution in capturing everything during the procedures and sharing content online securely. Futudent’s innovations represent continued commitment to bringing the benefits of video to every dental professional.

Check out the full range of Futudent cameras and accessories HERE.



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